The three Cs of customer loyalty - Fresh Relevance loyalty report

Learn how to build a loyal base of customers with the three Cs of customer loyalty: convenience, communications & customer incentives

We know that building a loyal base of customers doesn't happen through guesswork and that there's no way of knowing what your customers want in return for their loyalty without asking them or conducting rigorous, time-consuming tests (unless you're psychic).

But amidst tighter budgets, and an ever-expanding pool of competitors, retaining loyal customers has never been more important.

And with the global pandemic changing how people shop, getting up-to-date consumer insights is key when it comes to building customer loyalty.

To get answers, we worked with Censuswide and polled 2000 nationally representative consumers in the UK.

Download the Fresh Relevance Loyalty Report now to make sure you’re giving shoppers what they want and not unwittingly sending them into the arms of your competitors.

You'll gain insights into:

  • What consumers want and don't want from the eCommerce customer experience
  • How they want to hear from brands and what communications they want to receive
  • The incentives they expect in return for their loyalty