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365 days of content ideas & hashtags for social media and beyond!

Laura Ka

By Laura Ka, Senior Graphic Designer

365 days of content ideas & hashtags for social media and beyond - featured image
16th November 2021

If you’re in charge of an eCommerce website, chances are you also have a social media footprint and publish your own social media posts on multiple accounts.

It makes sense for brands and retailers to be present on these platforms. 60% of people say that they discover new products on Instagram and a whopping 72% of shoppers say that they use social media platforms to research brands. 

So social channels can generate leads. But it can be a challenge for marketers to stay fresh with engaging content when you’re expected to post multiple times a day across a growing list of platforms. Is your brand up to date on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter? What about Pinterest? And TikTok?

Have no fear! Fresh Relevance is here with our Ultimate Ecommerce Social Media Calendar.

The Ultimate Ecommerce Social Media Content Calendar holds 365 days of social media content and will make sure you never run dry of great ideas for your marketing content and social media. With a different topic for every day of 2022 based on current sporting events, holidays and national days, your online business can delight your social media followers and touch a range of different social media communities (and your target audience) to boost brand awareness and drive sales with no trouble at all. Social media management just got easier…

Download the Ultimate Ecommerce Social Media Calendar 2021

Laura Ka

By Laura Ka

Senior Graphic Designer

Laura is a seasoned graphic designer with more than five years in house. Laura creates awesome-looking content that helps marketers in the eCommerce space get their jobs done.