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6 Lunar New Year email campaigns packed with good fortune

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The Lunar New Year falls on February 16th, and 2018 is the Year of the Dog so from us here at Fresh Relevance to you; xin nian hao!

The Lunar New Year is a good enough excuse as any occasion to serve your email subscribers with real-time, personalized content to peak their interest and maximize click-through rates and sales. Our Pinterest board is packed with brands that have celebrated the Lunar New Year, but here are our favorites:


Product recommendations

Singapore Airlines



84% of consumers report taking actions based on personal recommendations, so using them in emails will give you the opportunity to encourage customers through their customer journey, leading to sales. This Lunar New Year, Singapore Airlines used product recommendations by recommending gifts for customers to purchase for their friends and family to celebrate the occasion.





When it comes to color schemes for celebrating the Lunar New Year, red and gold are popular colors as they symbolize wealth, prosperity and good fortune. Smashbox got the memo on the color scheme, recommending a selection of products to the shoppers in the colors often used to celebrate the Lunar New Year, wishing them luck in the new year.


Reward coupon codes




Origins has brought in the Lunar New Year in past years with a coupon code for a gift worth $29.50 plus free shipping on orders over $30. 70% of email readers open emails from a brand or company in search of a deal, discount, or coupon, so this is a great way to give your subscribers what they want and encourage click-throughs as a result. Origins added a nice, traditional touch with the design of this email by presenting the coupon code in a red envelope, which is how money is traditionally gifted at Lunar New Year.


Exclusive products

Paul Smith



New year, new clothes, right? A lot of consumers like to treat the start of a new year as a chance to switch up their routine, whether that be going to the gym more, spending time meditating, or buying a brand new wardrobe! Paul Smith has released a range of exclusive product designs for the Year of the Dog so that customers can welcome in the new Lunar Year dressed ready for what the year and its zodiac animal brings. 


Kate Spade



Kate Spade also released a line of dog-themed accessories to help customers welcome in the Lunar New Year. The email features product recommendations personalized to fit the occasion as well as a gold and red color scheme, sticking with the traditional colors of wealth and good fortune.


Surprise deals

J. Crew



Fortune cookies are always a fun way to finish a Chinese meal, so why not incorporate this tradition into your email campaigns for the Lunar New Year? This cryptic fortune from J. Crew is bound to grab the attention of subscribers on the lookout for deals to help them celebrate, and the curiosity of what the “amazing shopping opportunity” is sure to have encouraged readers to click-through.


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