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The Complete Guide to Personalized Product Recommendations


What are Product Recommendations?

Do all product recommendation engines deliver personalized recommendations?

Can one recommendations engine work across email and the online store?

How can I measure the success of product recommendations?

What should I look for in a product recommendation solution?

How Fresh Relevance can help

A final word on product recommendations

With personalized product recommendations, you’ll see higher click-through and open rates on emails, higher click-throughs on the website, increased average order value (AOV), and an uplift in sales — all because shoppers can find what they are looking for more quickly. 

A non-personalized recommendation that does not rely on a shopper’s preferences, behavior, or individual characteristics. It is based on a general trend or broad category and delivered to a wide audience. Examples include bestsellers, new arrivals, or items at a particular price point. Non-personalized recommendations can help introduce shoppers to new or popular items.

Product recommendations increase conversion rates, AOV, and customer engagement, while reducing cart abandonment. They contribute to a more tailored and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers, ultimately leading to higher revenue and improved customer retention. Product recommendations can generate sales uplifts of up to 11%.