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5 Ideas for using dynamic content in your email signature

December 15th 2021

5 Ideas for Using Dynamic Content in your Email Signatures

Email signatures are great opportunities to add information and character to your emails, but they are often neglected in terms of content and design. Most people will use their contact information, a photograph of themselves, maybe icons that link to their social media accounts, something similar to the example below:

poor email signature example

But having an email signature like this may mean that you are missing out on a chance to increase traffic to your website and engage with your audience when emailing customers and prospects. We have a few ideas for how Fresh Relevance can help you make the most of your email signature with dynamic content.

Email signatures with dynamic content

There are a plethora of interesting ways you can use dynamic content to make your email signature stand out to your readers; add a Countdown Timer, show off your social media feeds, or even use a link to drive traffic and engagement to a recent piece of content or product promotion.

Fresh Relevance SmartBlocks can be used in your dynamic email signature to serve real-time dynamic content to your readers at the end of each email you send. Using SmartBlocks in this way means that you can easily update your email signature to keep the content displayed relevant to your readers.

Dynamic email signature demo

Social media

78% of US online consumers’ purchase decisions are influenced by the posts of the brands they follow on social media. Add a social media SmartBlock to your dynamic email signature to keep people up to date with your brand and products, and to drive traffic and engagements to your social media channels. Using your new signature to drive both traffic and new followers to your social media channels will increase the influence your posts have on your readers’ purchase decisions.

social media email signature real-time mock up

Countdown timers

It’s a good idea to create a sense of urgency among your readers for any limited time offers available to them to drive traffic and sales. Use a countdown timer in your email signature to catch your reader’s eye like the one shown below, and tempt them into clicking through to your site to avoid missing out on the offer. Managing email signatures with Fresh Relevance SmartBlocks is easy as when the offer ends, you can simply swap the timer out for something more suitable, updating all of your email signatures at once.

countdown timer email signature

Web banners

Your email signature is a great opportunity to drive traffic to your company. Fresh Relevance Web Banners will enable you to create an advert for any content you would like to drive traffic towards. Make sure the banner includes a stand out Call To Action to draw your readers to click-through. Use Web Crop to capture any promotional Web Banners on your homepage and employ them in your email signatures. This will enable your email signature to update automatically with your website.

web banner dynamic content email signature

Product recommendations

Product recommendations is one of our SmartBlock features that can help to catch a reader’s eye and encourage them to click-through to your company’s website if they like what you recommend and want to see what else you have to offer. Use a Product Recommendation SmartBlock to make your email signature stand out at the end of the emails you send and to enable your readers to click straight through to product pages on your website.

product recommendations email signature


Increase the success of any deals and coupon codes you offer to your customers by placing a​​​​​​​ Coupon SmartBlock in your email signature. When you sign off from an email sent to your viewers, a SmartBlock with a coupon code on it will catch their attention and draw them in with the opportunity that’s presented for them to save money on a discounted purchase. 70% of email readers open emails from a brand or company in search of a deal, discount, or coupon, so delivering this to your readers as part of your email signature will drive them to open your emails, and provide them with the discounts they’re looking for.

coupon email signature

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