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11 Exciting Examples of Navigation Bars with Dynamic Content

11 Exciting Examples of Navigation Bars with Dynamic Content Headshot

By Camilla Bass, Content Marketing Manager

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Your website’s navigation bar is often the first touchpoint your visitors interact with to guide them to specific products or categories. So it’s crucial to ensure your navigation bar is as helpful and engaging as possible. An uninspiring or frustrating navigation experience could result in site abandonment and high bounce rates.  

Successful brands use their drop-down space wisely by adding dynamic content that showcases product recommendations, special offers, and more to help visitors discover the best their website has to offer.

Here are 7 real-life examples of dynamic content navigation bars that we think really hit the mark (plus, 4 bonus examples to up your navigation bar game).

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1. Franklin Sports

Franklin Sports make use of high-converting social proof and product recommendation tactics to highlight their trending products.

Displaying this type of product recommendation from the get-go works well for customers at the research stage who are seeking out extra information about your products, as well as new shoppers whose preferences you don’t yet know. 

Franklin Sports could take their social proof tactics to the next level by including star ratings to show customers that these are products worth looking at. 


2. Space NK

Space NK showcase new arrival product recommendations in their ‘New In’ category, providing shoppers with real-time pricing information alongside each product.

Recommending your newest products builds excitement around the shopping experience and is particularly impactful in sectors driven by fast-moving trends, such as fashion and beauty. For returning customers, the highlighted products can be tailored according to the shopper’s preferred category.


3) Net-a-porter

Net-a-porter offer a selection of products called the 'Editor’s picks'. Expert guidance from the Editor lends a more personal tone to these product recommendations. The images can be switched out by the editor each week or month to keep the navigation bar fresh.


4. River Voyages

Highlighting your sale items is a well documented conversion booster. River Voyages include a ‘Featured Cruise’ section for each navigation category. The use of real-time pricing data is crucial here to make sure consumers aren’t left disappointed by an offer that’s expired or is no longer available.


5. Zee & Co

Zee & Co put the spotlight on specific brands across their navigation bars. 

Since customers tend to prefer brands or products they have seen multiple times, Zee & Co could harness the power of familiarity for returning visitors by tailoring the brand suggestion to the customer’s most purchased or browsed brand. 


6. Karen Millen

Coupons can be a nifty way to acquire new customers, reduce cart abandonment, reconnect with lapsed customers and help sell excess stock.

Karen Millen’s use of a coupon in their navigation bar helps drive urgency towards this specific offer from the beginning of a visitor’s web session. A personalized coupon would be even more effective, encouraging customers who have recently been browsing specific products and categories on the website to make a purchase.  


7. Tap Warehouse

46% of consumers say they’ve abandoned their carts due to delivery concerns. So it's important to have clear signposting across your website to alleviate these doubts. The earlier a customer knows their delivery options, the more likely they are to stick around and explore your products.

Tap Warehouse use their navigation space to highlight next day delivery options. Using real-time inventory data is vital here to make sure the items displayed when clicking on the banner are in fact available for next day delivery. 


Boost your navigation bar with these bonus examples:

8) Last Carted Items

Ramp up your personalization efforts further by providing abandoned cart information in the navigation bar to encourage returning customers to take action and complete a purchase.



9) Countdown Timer

You could also place a countdown timer into your navigation bar to create urgency around making a purchase. For example, try highlighting the cut-off time for next day delivery. 

Find out how Cottages.com drive online sales and boost visitor engagement with countdown timers. 



10) Social Media

Showcasing your social media in your "Contact" or "Community" navigation category is a great way to increase engagement and let your customers connect with you on a more personal level.


11) Name Personalization

Finally, using a simple personalized name banner is an effective way to give your returning customers a friendly welcome back. 



Fresh Relevance functionality allows you to tailor the navigation bar content to your business goals, or to personalize it for each individual. You can even combine approaches for optimal results.

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11 Exciting Examples of Navigation Bars with Dynamic Content Headshot

By Camilla Bass

Content Marketing Manager

As Content Marketing Manager at Fresh Relevance, Camilla manages, writes and edits user-centered content that helps marketers in the eCommerce and travel spaces get their jobs done.