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How to take your opt-out experience beyond email

March 23rd 2022

By Scott Humphrey

Solutions Consultant

How to take your opt-out experience beyond email - featured image

It’s becoming increasingly common for retailers to give customers the choice to opt out of emails promoting potentially sensitive events, such as Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. Brands who do this are perhaps already ahead of the thoughtful marketing game, but the customer experience shouldn’t stop there. Giving customers the option to not receive Mother’s Day emails is all well and good, but some of that sensitivity is negated when they go onto your website only to be met with Mother’s Day banners and product recommendations galore.

With Fresh Relevance’s Experience Management, you can tailor the entire customer journey throughout your site for customers who have opted out of receiving emails about particular events. Using Experience Management, you can put together an experience with product recommendations based on the customer’s past purchase and browse data or bestsellers and trending products, excluding any event-specific items. You can display a generic banner on the homepage, removing any copy and content related to the event in question. Other areas that you might want to make generic could include social media feeds that have been filtered for specific content or hashtags.

Mother's Day homepage experience

Mother’s Day experience

Opt-out homepage experience with no reference to Mother's Day

Opt-out experience

Slot marketing rules

If your business goes big for a particular event (such as Mother’s Day) and you give your whole customer experience a makeover, Experience Management is the best option for you. However, if you only change a few pieces of content here and there, such as banners, this can easily be achieved with Fresh Relevance’s Slot tool.

With Slots, you can simply create your event-related content, such as a Mother’s Day banner, navigate to your existing banner Slot and swap out the content. You can then create a rule to not display the Mother’s Day content to the segment of customers who have opted out of receiving those emails.

With Fresh Relevance’s Experience Management and Slot tools, you can go beyond email opt-outs and take your thoughtful marketing experience to the next level.

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By Scott Humphrey

Solutions Consultant

As Solutions Consultant at Fresh Relevance, Scott manages the demonstration environment and helps the wider team to find the best possible product solutions for our clients.