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New ESP integration: Campaigner customers can power email personalization via Fresh Relevance

New ESP integration: Campaigner customers can power email personalization via Fresh Relevance Headshot

By Michael Hurley, Product Manager

ESP integration: Campaigner - featured image

We've added another ESP integration to our expanding portfolio - Campaigner.

Campaigner is an email and SMS marketing platform built to enable businesses to create powerful personal connections with their customers.

The Fresh Relevance platform captures behavioral and transactional data from website visitors, identifies visitors with sophisticated data capture tools and provides a comprehensive suite of cross-channel personalization tactics to provide customers with a tailored experience that sets our clients apart from their competitors.

Fresh Relevance's features integrate seamlessly with Campaigner's email functionality to help our joint clients create conversion-boosting campaigns. 

Here's how our joint clients can benefit from the integration.


Triggered emails

Fresh Relevance provides advanced triggered email options, such as price drop, back-in-stock, abandoned browse session and cart abandonment. Campaigner clients can send triggered emails via Campaigner, but will benefit from higher ROI. 

Joint clients can increase conversions further by using Fresh Relevance to add personalized content to their triggered email campaigns, such as dynamic hero banners and personalized product recommendations.

The Fresh Relevance system can also trigger post-purchase emails sent via Campaigner containing AI-driven product recommendations, such as products that are frequently purchased with the item the customer has just bought, helping to drive the next purchase. 

By making use of the integration, customers can utilize campaigns workflows with strict permission checking, add to list triggers, person and segment exports, person imports and analytics uploads.

Sending highly targeted, personalized emails is a proven way to boost revenue and increase engagement with the brand. In fact, organizations using Fresh Relevance to send both browse and cart abandonment emails see an average 10% sales uplift.


Bulk emails

Joint clients can also use Fresh Relevance to include personalized content in their bulk email campaigns, adding AI-driven recommendations, countdown timers, live social media feeds, and much more. 

Including personalized content in bulk marketing emails is proven to boost results. One Fresh Relevance client saw a 24% sales uplift when using Fresh Relevance product recommendations in their newsletters.

Joint customers can target customers with advanced segmentation, implement email automation and create A/B test campaigns to get the most out of these personalized emails.

Through the integration, joint clients can also export and import data, add contacts to workflows, and send individual emails.

Book a demo to find out how your business could benefit from our integration with Campaigner.

New ESP integration: Campaigner customers can power email personalization via Fresh Relevance Headshot

By Michael Hurley

Product Manager

As Product Manager at Fresh Relevance, Michael works closely with our customers, the Head of Product Management and the wider team on the product roadmap and roll-out of new features.