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Feature highlight: Search module

February 27th 2023

By Leanne Spratt

Product Manager

We’re excited to introduce our new site search solution. The Fresh Relevance Search module, powered by Luigi’s Box, is an AI-powered site search with the ability to boost and pin products, manage synonyms, implement dynamic filters, customize queries and more.

Why we added this feature

Adding site search functionality to Fresh Relevance helps our customers reduce their tech stacks, deal with less external companies and consolidate technologies. This in turn can lead to greater efficiency and less siloed working.

The Fresh Relevance Search module is very easy to implement, with no need to create JavaScript or provide a separate product feed, and it’s also self-optimizing. This makes it an ideal solution for small teams with limited resources.

How the feature works

With Fresh Relevance’s Search module, you can:

  • Boost and exclude products, categories and brands, either for a scheduled timeframe or on an ongoing basis
  • Manage synonyms, including synonym auto-recommendations
  • Pin products in search and product listing pages (PLPs)
  • Correct typos and set up autocomplete to display suggestions to visitors starting from the first typed letters
  • Add URL redirects for queries, e.g. to your returns policy
  • Assign hidden custom keywords to products
  • Support different product code formats
  • Support voice search
  • Preview search offline before going live
  • Include Fresh Relevance product recommendations alongside search results
  • Automatically optimize search results based on conversion rate
  • Discover what your lost opportunities and no results searches are and how to further optimize results to increase conversions

Book a demo to learn more about our site search solution and how it could help your business.

By Leanne Spratt

Product Manager

As Product Manager at Fresh Relevance, Leanne works on the development of new product features that help our customers get the most out of our platform and meet their business goals.