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New ESP Integration: iPost customers can now power their email personalization via Fresh Relevance

July 13th 2020

Lucy Russell

By Lucy Russell

Head of Product Management

Fresh Relevance have launched an out-of-the-box integration with iPost, allowing iPost ESP customers to make use of the powerful personalization tools available within the Fresh Relevance system.

The integration supports a variety of functionality between the two systems.

Fresh Relevance can monitor visitor behavior on client websites and trigger journeys on the iPost platform. For example, if a client abandons products within a cart, Fresh Relevance can activate a journey to send emails from iPost, with content in the email displaying the cart items the visitor abandoned.

iPost supports a ‘Journey Builder’ which works in partnership with Fresh Relevance. Journeys can be customized based on different criteria, such as if the previous email has been opened or other data in a contact’s profile. Fresh Relevance is able to add contacts to these customized journeys, so potential customers can be contacted at relevant points.

The integration can also be utilized with the Fresh Relevance segmentation capabilities. Segments can be created in Fresh Relevance to target a specific set of website visitors, based on a variety of criteria, from products browsed to person information. The matching visitors can then be exported to iPost for a targeted marketing campaign.

In addition to the above, contacts from iPost can be automatically imported into the Fresh Relevance system to assist with initial identification on account set up and to keep both systems in sync.

All Fresh Relevance content, such as product recommendations, social proof, onsite popovers, geotargeting and behavioral targeting can be used with iPost.

Fresh Relevance offers a unique depth and breadth of personalization tactics, and combined with the functionality of iPost, our systems help you make your email campaigns more relevant to your customers.

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Lucy Russell

By Lucy Russell

Head of Product Management

As Head of Product Management at Fresh Relevance, Lucy works closely with our customers and the wider team to shape the product roadmap and oversees the roll-out of all new features.