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Olympics-inspired marketing emails that deserve a gold medal

August 11th 2021

Camilla Bass

By Camilla Bass

Senior Content Marketing Manager

Olympics-inspired marketing emails that deserve a gold medal

The Olympic and Paralympic Games only come round every four years, so it’s worth making the most of the excitement that sweeps the world during these international sporting events in your marketing.

Add some interest to your marketing emails and bring the sporting spirit to your subscribers’ inboxes with an Olympics-themed email.

Here are some of our favorite marketing emails celebrating the Olympics and Paralympics, plus some additional tips to make your emails stand out.

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Themed products

One of the best ways for brands to get involved in cultural moments and calendar events is tying their products into the occasion.

1) Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani used their email marketing to shout about their status as Team Italy’s official outfitter. The fashion brand used their marketing email to share interesting facts about the outfit, along with CTAs encouraging subscribers to discover the Olympics’ inspired collection.

Emporio Armani email promoting Olympic clothing collection

Source: Emporio Armani email

2) Debenhams

Debenhams might not have a dedicated Olympics collection, but they’ve joined in the fun by inspiring subscribers with their workout gear. Splitting the recommendations into women, men and children is a nice touch, since it helps shoppers find the products they’re interested in faster.

Debenhams could also segment their returning customers and tailor the email to this group further by using past browse and purchase data to recommend sports gear in each individual’s preferred category, for example.

Debenhams email promoting sporting clothing
Source: Debenhams email

3) Journey Latin America

Don’t sell sports gear? No problem. Think outside the box and find the connection between your offering and the Olympic games. Journey Latin America joined in with their email marketing by highlighting vacation recommendations in Ecuador after the country’s gold medal win.

Journey Latin America email promoting vacations in Ecuador
Source: Journey Latin America email

Special offers

Help your customers celebrate the games with special offers and savings to enjoy throughout the Olympic period.

4) Patisserie Valerie

Whilst cake and sports don’t normally go together (unless we’re talking about a pie eating contest), Patisserie Valerie helped their subscribers enjoy the games in the most delicious way with a free delivery code for their famous cakes.

Patisserie Valerie email promoting free delivery offer
Source: Patisserie Valerie email

You can boost the efficacy of your coupons by making sure they follow the shopper from your marketing emails to your online store and vice versa, helping increase exposure and redemption rate and keeping the customer experience consistent.

It’s important to make sure your coupon is dynamic so that any customer who opens your email after the discount has expired will see ‘coupon expired’ text, rather than an out-of-date coupon.

5) Costa

As an official sponsor, Costa has gone all out with an Olympics-themed game, providing a fun way for their customers to get involved and potentially win big.

Costa email promoting Olympics-themed competition
Source: Costa email

Inspiring content

The Olympics and Paralympics are certainly inspiring occasions, full of hard work, perseverance and victories. Impart that sense of inspiration to your subscribers with your Olympics-themed marketing emails and associate your brand with some of that excitement.

6) Healthyish

Bon Appetit’s spin-off community, Healthyish served up a hearty dose of inspiration with an interview with Paralympian Kaleo Kanahele Maclay, encouraging subscribers to click through to their site to read the full piece.

Healthyish email promoting interview with Paralympian Kaleo Kanahele Maclay
Source: Healthyish email

7) Omega

Similarly, Omega sent their shoppers an interview with Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps, which includes a subtle promotion for their Olympic edition watch. This is a nice way to promote your Olympics-themed products whilst providing valuable content for subscribers.

Omega email promoting Olympic edition watch and interview with Michael Phelps
Source: Omega email

Be inspired by more Olympics-themed marketing emails on our Pinterest and download your copy of Five Easy Ways to Make Your Emails Perform Better for more ways to delight your customers throughout the year.


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Camilla Bass

By Camilla Bass

Senior Content Marketing Manager

As Senior Content Marketing Manager at Fresh Relevance, Camilla leads the global content strategy and manages, writes and edits user-centered content that helps marketers in the eCommerce and travel spaces get their jobs done.