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Tailor triggered emails and recommendations at SKU-level

Lucy Russell

By Lucy Russell, Head of Product Management

Tailor triggered emails and recommendations at SKU-level
31st March 2020

Fresh Relevance has always had great support for rich product information, supporting a range of complex use cases in verticals such as retail, travel and publishing.

We took this a step further by enhancing our native support for SKU-level variants. We offer the ability to collect product information that varies at SKU-level (for example color, sizes, images, description and stock level) for use throughout the system.

This allows you to design triggered emails and recommendations that are even more relevant to each customer.

SKU-level triggers

Our enhancements to the standard triggers will automatically include the relevant SKU-level details that your customer chose on your site, with no additional setup required. This means that shoppers will see in a browse or cart abandonment email the exact color/size of the product that they browsed or carted.

In addition, all of the alternate SKUs within a product are made available within the template so you can display alternate options within the emails.

SKU-level price drop and back-in-stock triggers

Price drop and back-in-stock emails can be triggered based on the price or stock of the individual SKUs. So shoppers will only receive emails if the exact variant of product they viewed has dropped in price, or has come back into stock. This is particularly valuable if the variant is critically important to shoppers, for example the size of shoes or clothes.

SKU-level recommendations

Recommendations have been enhanced to allow filtering on SKU-level properties. This allows you to precisely personalize a recommendation feed to show the exact variant (e.g. the specific color) that the shopper is interested in. This is useful, for example, if you’re creating a feed of products that are less than a certain price. If one SKU within a product is cheaper than the rest (maybe it’s not a popular color/size), then a price filter will include that SKU in the recommendation, allowing you to showcase it and move your excess stock.

Personalized browsed and carted data sources now automatically show the SKUs, with the same color/size etc. that your customer has interacted with.

Advanced Customer Tagging

Advanced Customer Tagging has similarly been enhanced to enable you to find the best SKU-level values for each customer. You can use this to find, for example, the customer’s implied shoe size or favorite color. When combined with recommendations, you can use this to create highly personalized content. If you had a recommendation block in an email showcasing your sweater category, you could filter it to show items in the customer’s favourite color and size that are in stock.

We all know that the more your marketing is tailored to each shopper, the higher the odds that it will lead to a sale. The addition of SKU-level support in Fresh Relevance takes personalized content to another level, ensuring customers get information and recommendations that are truly relevant to them.

Lucy Russell

By Lucy Russell

Head of Product Management

As Head of Product Management at Fresh Relevance, Lucy works closely with our customers and the wider team to shape the product roadmap and oversees the roll-out of all new features.