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4 store reopening emails we loved

May 4th 2021

Camilla Bass

By Camilla Bass

Senior Content Marketing Manager

4 store reopening emails we loved - featured image

As the UK emerged out of lockdown, stores prepared to open their doors once again and shoppers got ready to re-populate the highstreets. Expectations were high and analysts predicted a 48% rise in sales due to April’s lockdown restrictions being lifted.

After months of online-only commerce, many retailers used email marketing to drive footfall and drum up excitement for their stores reopening.

Here are 4 of our favorite store re-opening emails.

1) Space NK highlights shopper’s preferred store

Space NK makes their store re-opening email extra engaging by mentioning the shopper’s preferred store location. The knowledge that their preferred store is re-opening could be what it takes to encourage shoppers to pay a visit.

Space NK reopening email

Businesses can use geotargeting to display the nearest store for each shopper, not just those who have previously bought in a specific store or provided that information as zero-party data. Some shoppers are likely to have moved since their last purchase or since providing information about their preferred store, making geotargeting a more accurate way to tailor the customer experience.

2) M&S showcases in-store offers and benefits

With online shopping beating in-store hands down when it comes to convenience and ease, M&S knew they had to highlight the specific benefits of visiting their stores. The retailer highlights their must-try foodie favorites, in-store bra fittings and their ‘get your shopping for free’ in-store competition.

M&S reopening email

Retailers can also build excitement by including a dynamic countdown timer to countdown the days and hours until reopening time or the close of a competition or sale.

3) The Entertainer shares product recommendations and click and collect options

The Entertainer builds excitement in their reopening email by recommending their newest collection of toys and games, along with popularity messaging to build urgency.

The toy retailer also includes details of their click and collect service to reassure shoppers that this much-used option is available.

The Entertainer reopening email

Again, geotargeting would work well here as it would enable retailers to highlight the shopper’s nearest store.

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4) Shoe Zone celebrates with a sale and offers reassurance to shoppers

With many people feeling cautious about shopping in-store again, it pays for retailers to offer some reassurance. Shoe Zone used their reopening email to outline the safety measures in place in their stores.

The shoe retailer also celebrates their re-opening with a sale, providing more reasons for customers to visit their newly reopened stores.

Shoe Zone reopening email

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Camilla Bass

By Camilla Bass

Senior Content Marketing Manager

As Senior Content Marketing Manager at Fresh Relevance, Camilla leads the global content strategy and manages, writes and edits user-centered content that helps marketers in the eCommerce and travel spaces get their jobs done.