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System enhancements: Upgrading our UI/UX for improved return on investment

January 27th 2021

Lucy Russell

By Lucy Russell

Head of Product Management

Upgrading our UI/UX for improved return on investment - featured image

We know that to get the most out of any product, you need to be able to use it to its full extent.  This is particularly true when you invest in a SaaS product.

We also know that it makes for a better experience if getting that return on investment is easy and enjoyable.

We’ve listened to feedback from our system users and as a result, we’ve invested heavily into our UI over 2020 and continue to do so into 2021.

Those using our system will have seen changes being made and there are more on their way.  Read on to learn more about the 2020 UI/UX workstream and our plans for more usability improvements into 2021.

Launched in 2020

Improved SmartBlock and Slot Management pages

The management of personalized content is one of the highest usage areas of our system. So as well as visually enhancing these pages, we have added the ability to view your content items in a table rather than thumbnails, and to bulk change items, such as archiving many at once.

Reorganized and restyled the reports area

Finding key KPI data is important to our users, so they can measure the ROI they are getting from Fresh Relevance. We’ve reorganized and restyled our reports page to make it easier for our users to find relevant data, and there’s more to come in the reporting area this year.

Improved top navigation bar

By updating our top navigation bar, we made frequently accessed items such as support information more accessible to our users. We’ve also added a breadcrumb trail to help our users find their way around the system.

Restyled customer login page

We’ve visually enhanced the login page for an improved experience. All our users have to log in to use the platform, so we wanted them to have a better experience while doing so.

Restyled our Site Info Bar (previously called the Trace Bar)

When our clients have our code on their website, it is useful for them to see what that code is doing and to test their Experiences and configured personalized content while browsing their website – this is where the Site Info Bar comes in. You can launch your website, with the bar in place, and it will both inform you about what our code is doing on the site and give you the option to view any Experiences you’ve set up in our system.

Added videos

We’ve added relevant videos to each of our pages to give our users ideas on how to gain a higher return on investment from the Fresh Relevance platform. The videos can quickly be found under an icon in the top banner and they include: Overviews for the feature/page you are on, quick ‘how to’ videos for frequently done tasks in the area, use case videos to talk you through key things other clients do in the area, webinars related to the area and hot tip videos. All videos (except the webinars) are bite-sized (less than 5 mins), so are quick and easy to watch.

Enhanced Segment Management

Our segmentation functionality is increasingly used by our clients, for example to target personalized Experiences across platforms. We have improved the usability of the area and, although the functionality for targeting customers is already fairly extensive, we’re in the process of increasing the rules and flexibility further to enhance the targeting of specific customers for personalization.

Reorganized and restyled the settings area

Our system has many powerful features that can be configured to our clients’ needs. We’ve reorganized our settings area to help our users find the key system settings that are important to them, so they can get the most out of the Fresh Relevance platform. We’ve also restyled it for improved user experience.

Optimize Center (Jan 2021)

Optimizing the personalization tactics that our clients use is essential for getting the best return on investment. Although we already had A/B testing support, we wanted to make it easier for our users to find where their tests were set up and to see the results. That’s why we’ve launched our Optimize Center, the one-stop shop to find and review all the personalization tests that you’re running.

UI/UX Projects for 2021

Here’s what’s in store for 2021…

Creating and editing SmartBlocks / personalized content

Our users love having the ability to be able to create their own email and website content via our templated SmartBlocks. We now have a lot of templates on offer, so we’re reworking the creation process to guide our users towards creating optimal content for the use cases they have in mind, thus giving the best return on investment. We’ll also be reworking the UI in place to edit the SmartBlock configuration, so clients can make full use of the powerful adjustments that are available for each template, while keeping the ability to fully adjust items at a code level.

Download area

Downloading data is important to our clients, so they can review their KPIs and monitor performance. We’re creating a download area so clients can track what they’ve downloaded and quickly reaccess data as required.

Reporting Review

Our clients love to be able to quickly see how their personalization strategies are performing.  We want to ensure this data is quick to find, well presented and includes all the key measurements that clients want to see.  We’re reviewing what we have today to improve the understanding of the value that Fresh Relevance brings to our clients.

Site Editor rework

The ability for our clients to directly adjust – such as add content – to their live website, without the need for developer assistance, is becoming increasingly popular. We want to redesign the area to make it easier to use and to enhance the features available, to ensure our clients can continue to add the personalized content they desire directly to their website without being restrained by the need for developer time.

Optimize Centre and Segmentation expansion

We’ll continue to enhance the functionality and UI within the Optimize and Segmentation areas of our system.

Keep watching this space as we focus on ease of use, improved UI and ensuring our clients get the best return on their investment.

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Lucy Russell

By Lucy Russell

Head of Product Management

As Head of Product Management at Fresh Relevance, Lucy works closely with our customers and the wider team to shape the product roadmap and oversees the roll-out of all new features.