Fresh Relevance makes advanced cross-channel personalization available to B2B eCommerce companies

Business-to-Business (B2B) eCommerce companies can now easily access advanced cross-channel personalization capabilities that until now have been available mainly to consumer-focused online retailers. Fresh Relevance’s new B2B eCommerce module supports B2B sales and marketing programs by providing a tailored customer experience while catering  to industry-specific requirements, such as multiple price lists and huge product catalogs. 

The advanced personalization tactics are ideal to help B2B companies engage with prospects and convert them to profitable repeat customers, maximizing every revenue opportunity and providing a consistent customer experience. Features include experiences, product recommendations, pricing, and more tailored to trade accounts, browse and purchase history or job roles, for example.

CEO & co-founder of Fresh Relevance, Mike Austin, states: “B2B companies can benefit from Fresh Relevance’s decade-long expertise in the personalization space, collected through working with more than 350 online businesses around the world that use our solution. Personalization is, if anything, even more important when you’re dealing with high value B2B clients.”

Austin continues: “Fresh Relevance offers the ideal personalization solution for any B2B and B2C focused eCommerce business, as well as those that serve both markets.”

The Fresh Relevance B2B eCommerce module helps to consistently provide the best customer experience for every customer, across the website, marketing emails, SMS and mobile applications. Key features of the platform include:

  • Multiple price lists – Display dynamic personalized content, such as product recommendations and banners, with prices that are always up to date for each customer, based on their contract, trade discounts or incl./excl. VAT. 
  • Triggered emails – Send sophisticated automated emails, triggered at the right time to solicit a positive response. Options include personalized recovery emails, for example with content tailored to the carted products, ‘request a call-back,’ back-in-stock alerts, purchase complete emails, replenishment reminders and other calls to action.
  • Product recommendations – Help customers to source the best products for their need and upsell and cross-sell based on business goals, customer brand affinities and product differences at the stock keeping unit (SKU) level, even for large product catalogs. 
  • Popovers – Encourage customers to subscribe to email communication and/or create a trade account with targeted popovers. Onsite overlays (popovers) and pop-ups can be targeted based on the stage in the customer lifecycle (e.g., new vs. returning customer), high-intent pages (e.g., checkout page), onsite behavior (e.g., exit intent) and more.
  • Customer data management – Collect data seamlessly across all digital and offline touchpoints and unify it to create rich customer profiles. Put those customer insights to work by creating and optimizing campaigns. Power personalization with agile data segmentation and get deep insights into customer segments with in-platform analytics.

The platform’s ease-of-use is supported by robust integrations with the leading eCommerce platforms, email service providers, ratings and reviews providers, CRM systems and custom-built solutions. This means organizations can quickly and confidently roll-out Fresh Relevance. 

Austin adds: “We recognize that B2B businesses wanting to seize this opportunity may not have the same in-house expertise or resources as their B2C peers, so we also have highly trained customer support and professional services teams, who will provide online training and hands-on help to fully optimize usage of the platform.”

The Fresh Relevance B2B eCommerce module is available now.

Calendar Icon 01/23/2023
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