B2B eCommerce Personalization

Fresh Relevance for B2B eCommerce

Provide your customers with the tailored experience they’ve come to expect

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Maximize revenue with advanced personalization that supports key B2B requirements, incl.:

  • Multiple price lists
  • Trade discounts
  • Personalized pricing
  • Customer groups

Comprehensive set of features

B2C-style personalization

Provide the best customer experience for each shopper across your website, emails, SMS and app. Tactics can be tailored to the shopper’s browse and purchase history, job role, company, sector, whether they have a customer account, are logged in to, or logged out of their account, and more.

“The Fresh Relevance team and its technology is a vital element of our marketing and eCommerce team.”
Jonathan Broadhurst, Ecommerce Executive at Cooksongold.

Multiple price lists

Display dynamic content, such as product recommendations or banners, with prices that are always up-to-date for each shopper, for example based on their contract, trade discounts or incl./excl. VAT.

“We’re taking a personalized and targeted approach with our marketing and Fresh Relevance is great for that.”
Alex Pugh, Marketing Director at Duffells.

Triggered emails

Send sophisticated automated emails, triggered at the right time. Options include personalized shopping recovery emails, for example with content tailored to the carted products, ‘request a call-back’ CTAs, back-in-stock alerts, purchase complete emails, replenishment reminders and more.

“We used to manually import a list of customers to send purchase complete emails. Fresh Relevance has saved us around a day of work per week. We couldn’t believe how much easier it was.”
Courtney Bray, Marketing Executive at HTS Spares.

Product recommendations

Help shoppers find the best product and upsell and cross-sell based on your business goals, the shopper’s brand affinities and product differences at the SKU level, even for large product catalogs.

“Product recommendations are much more relevant with Fresh Relevance, which is hard to get right with our product range. The difference in accuracy between Fresh Relevance and our previous tool is like chalk and cheese.”
Alex Pugh, Marketing Director at Duffells.


Encourage shoppers to subscribe to your emails or to create a trade account with targeted popovers. Onsite overlays and pop-ups can be targeted based on stage in the customer lifecycle (e.g. new vs. returning customer), high-intent pages (e.g. checkout page), onsite behavior (e.g. exit intent) and more.

“We’re really happy with the results. It’s great that the popover is automated, as I don’t need to touch it and it just goes on in the background.”
Courtney Bray, Marketing Executive at HTS Spares.

Customer data management

Collect data seamlessly across all digital and offline touchpoints and unify it to create rich customer profiles. Put those customer insights to work by creating and optimizing campaigns. Power personalization with agile data segmentation and get deep insights into customer segments with in-platform analytics.

“Automatic optimization saves us loads of time. We’re a really small team so time is a massive issue, but this helps us achieve the work of 100 people.”
Alex Pugh, Marketing Director at Duffells.

Why Fresh Relevance

Easy-to-use platform

Implement, test and optimize personalized elements on your website and emails without relying on your internal or third-party IT teams. With our drag-and-drop functionality, user-friendly website editor, automation and AI, you can be in control and free up time to focus on other business initiatives.

“We never thought we could find software where we could drag and drop content onto our site until we found Fresh Relevance. We couldn’t be happier with a 3rd party tool.”
Reece Smith, User Experience Supervisor & Online Shop Coordinator at Würth UK.

Robust integrations

Launch your first campaigns quickly thanks to off-the-shelf integrations with leading eCommerce platforms, Email Service Providers, ratings & reviews providers, CRMs, custom-built solutions and more.

“Fresh Relevance allows us to undertake initiatives that might have taken IT months to find time to work on and then weeks to implement.”
Jonathan Broadhurst, Ecommerce Executive at Cooksongold.

Onboarding & support

Extend your team with our customer team that will help you grow and succeed with the platform. They’ll provide you with dedicated online training sessions and guidance on implementing your plans as well as professional services if you don’t have the bandwidth to execute campaigns yourself.

“The ROI for Fresh Relevance is through the roof, unmeasurable, and our relationship with the support team is brilliant. It couldn’t be any easier to work with them.”
Reece Smith, User Experience Supervisor & Online Shop Coordinator at Würth UK.


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