High delivery costs deter online shoppers but price drop and discount code emails can win them back

Price conscious shoppers looking to save money can be enticed back, with targeted price drop alerts and discount codes for products they have browsed. With the UK in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis, Fresh Relevance commissioned Censuswide to poll 2,000 shoppers about why they abandon their online shopping carts and what it would take to get them to return and make a purchase.

For online retailers, every abandoned cart can feel like a missed opportunity. The research has revealed that 82% of shoppers (89% of females and 75% of males) have at some point filled their online baskets but chosen not to proceed to the checkout. The top reasons are high delivery costs (41%) and storing products in the basket for a later date (41%). With so many shoppers focused more than ever on value and price, it is not surprising that many add products to their basket to help them compare prices with competitors (31%).   

For shoppers choosing to return and make a purchase, discovering that their basket has timed out (40%), the price has increased (24%) and/or not being recognised when they revisit the site using a different device (20%) are common sources of frustration. However, Fresh Relevance has discovered the key drivers that encourage shoppers to return and complete the transaction.

“Price-based communications are effective,” states CEO and co-founder of Fresh Relevance, Mike Austin. “Our survey indicates that almost half (46%) of all shoppers who abandon a basket would return if they received an email letting them know that a product they have viewed has dropped in price. A similar number (45%) say a discount code would encourage them to complete the purchase.” 

Yet, these are not the only tools at the retailer’s disposal, as Austin explains: “Messages alerting shoppers that a product is low in stock, or back in stock can be powerful triggers. Especially when accompanied by social proof tactics of how many others are currently looking at a product or have it in the basket.”

The Fresh Relevance research also reveals that the pastime of window shopping is alive and well in the digital world, particularly amongst GenZ (44%) and Millennials (46%).

Austin adds “Offering the ability to create wishlists can be a useful tool, especially for those looking for gift ideas for themselves or others, as well as those who are moving between devices or have long shopping lists. Another great way to re-engage abandoned shoppers is to send messages that include personaliszd product recommendations, based on what they have browsed and/or placed in their cart.”

With shoppers and retailers in the UK facing much uncertainty, being able to marry the needs and wants of both parties is vital.

Austin concludes: “Make it as easy as possible for shoppers to find the products they are interested in on your website by providing a tailored customer experience. Then, if they don’t checkout, ensure they are kept aware of the latest pricing, availability and popularity, with well-timed highly personalised communications.”

The Fresh Relevance Shopping Cart Abandonment Report is available in full now. 

Calendar Icon 11/15/2022
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