Fresh Relevance enables personalized cross-channel customer engagement with SMS

Fresh Relevance is enabling online retail and travel brands to share highly personalized and timely notifications directly to customers’ mobile devices via SMS. The new SMS module is the latest addition to Fresh Relevance’s powerful personalization platform.

SMS messages are typically read by 98% of recipients, with 90% opening them within just three minutes. With the new module, Fresh Relevance harnesses this level of immediacy by making it possible to integrate time-sensitive messages into a multi-channel engagement strategy.

Chief Technology Officer at Fresh Relevance, David Henderson, states: “We are refining the connection between customers and the retail and travel brands they shop with at key moments in their customer journey.”

The potent blending of SMS and email can transform campaign effectiveness and improve recovery rates from cart and browse abandonment. Organisations can also optimize how and when welcome and reactivation messages, bespoke offers, back-in-stock, price drop and purchase complete notifications are sent, received, and read. In addition to driving new revenue, the use of timely SMS is a powerful tool to prompt and encourage customers to submit post-purchase feedback and reviews, turning repeat customers into brand advocates.

Henderson adds: “With so many of us using our mobile devices to interact and transact, it makes sense to be able to use insights from a customer’s online behavior and transaction history and tailor timely SMS messages that really resonate.”

The new SMS module is available to companies using the Fresh Relevance personalization platform and allows them to send SMS through Fresh Relevance or their existing SMS provider. Single or multi-stage SMS campaigns can be quickly and easily built and deployed using advanced workflows and an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface, without coding or involving the IT team. Campaign results can be measured in revenue-based reporting and improved with A/B tests.

The Fresh Relevance SMS module is available now.

Calendar Icon 05/17/2022
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