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Feature highlight: SMS Triggers

May 16th 2022

Lily Hristova

By Lily Hristova

Product Manager

Feature highlight: SMS Triggers - featured image

We’re excited to introduce our new SMS Triggers feature, which will empower marketers to personalize the cross-channel customer experience across a broader range of touchpoints.

In this post, you can learn more about the benefits of SMS marketing and discover how the Fresh Relevance SMS Triggers feature works.

Why we added this feature

With a whopping 98% read rate, SMS is one of the most effective channels for urgency messaging and call-to-actions. Our SMS Triggers feature allows marketers to connect directly with consumers at key moments in their customer journey through personalized, contextually relevant SMS campaigns.

Along with email, SMS is a powerful channel for maximizing customer engagement. Marketers can achieve faster results and higher order completion rates by sending a mix of email and SMS messages to recover lost revenue, help shoppers stock up on their favorite product and more.

For example, our customers can now use SMS abandonment messages as part of a cadence that includes triggered abandonment emails to increase that sense of urgency after a shopper abandons their cart or browse session. A sample cadence could be:

  1. SMS 15 minutes after abandonment
  2. Email 24 hours after abandonment
  3. SMS 48 hours after abandonment
  4. Email 7 days after abandonment

This combination of urgency and rich media from email is highly effective. Plus, sending messages across devices promotes higher response rates.

What’s more, 60% of consumers check and answer texts within 1-5 minutes of receiving the message. This makes it an ideal channel for time sensitive promotions. With SMS Triggers, our customers can take advantage of this by using SMS to send personalized price drop messages, for example.

How the feature works

With Fresh Relevance’s SMS Triggers, you can:

  • Engage shoppers with 1:1 personalized messages, including cart abandonment, browse abandonment and purchase complete, as well as via custom signals, for example for bespoke offers.
  • Tailor SMS messages to the customer’s individual behavior and transactional history.
  • Build and deploy SMS campaigns and advanced workflows using our intuitive drag-and-drop UI – all without coding or involving your IT team.
  • Measure SMS contribution, track ROI and spend budget more effectively with revenue-based reporting.
  • Discover the best approach for SMS campaigns for your business with A/B tests.
  • Send SMS messages through Fresh Relevance or your existing SMS provider.

What’s next

We’ll be looking into adding more channel options for our customers, such as Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) and WhatsApp, to empower them to take the personalized cross-channel experience even further.

Book a demo to learn more about SMS Triggers and how it could help your business.

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Lily Hristova

By Lily Hristova

Product Manager

As Product Manager at Fresh Relevance, Lily works on the development of new product features that help our customers get the most out of our platform and meet their business goals.