PRESS RELEASE: Maximize revenue from mobile apps with new personalization module from Fresh Relevance

Fresh Relevance today added a new module to its personalization platform that enables brands to increase revenue from shopping apps by creating more engaging and personalized experiences.

Earlier this year, it was reported in Klarna’s Mobile Shopping Report that 67% of UK consumers are using their mobile devices to shop more than they did prior to the pandemic. The report also highlights that the competition on a shopper’s phone is fierce, with consumers having 43 apps installed, on average.

Mike Austin, CEO & co-founder of Fresh Relevance, states: “Retailers need to be attuned to the clear trend towards purchasing on mobile, as well as consumers using two and more channels prior to making a purchase. Optimizing mobile apps as part of an omnichannel strategy is now a prerequisite for brands to realize their full sales potential, both online and in-store.”

The new mobile app module within the Fresh Relevance personalization platform provides access to a comprehensive set of personalization features that includes product recommendations, geotargeted content, weather-targeted content, individualized coupons, and nearest store information. Comprehensive customer profiles can be created that join up in-app, onsite, in-store and email data, to enable accurate segmentation and powerful cross-channel personalization.

Furthermore, customer browse and purchase behavior, product interaction, visit frequency, location, time-of-day and weather data can be used to create sophisticated targeting rules, which deliver a consistent and ultra-personalized in-app experience. Triggered emails and SMS can be sent to the right shoppers at the right time to drive them back to the app to continue shopping and checkout.

Crucially, these major optimizations can be made to native iOS and Android Apps as well as Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), without the need to make server-side code changes, or to submit a new app version to the app stores.

The Mobile App Personalization module is available now to organizations using the Fresh Relevance platform.

Calendar Icon 12/07/2022
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