Display Block Integration

Real-Time Email Marketing with Display Block

Display Block are email marketing experts. They build, test and send out marketing emails for leading brands. Fresh Relevance works with the Display Block platform to provide a real-time personalized omnichannel dimension that drives conversions.

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Agile and Contextual Email Content

Display Block and Fresh Relevance give your customers a highly engaging experience with unique open time email content.

Automated Triggered Emails

See incredible conversions from 1-2-1 automated emails.

  • Lowered price alerts
  • New stock alerts
  • Cart recovery triggers
  • Post browse triggers
  • Replenishment triggers

Website Personalization

Email, social media or the web. Your shoppers expect a personalized experience however they interact with your brand.  Fresh Relevance and Display Block give you a true cross-channel personalization platform.

Behavioral Profiling

Have usable behavioral and transactional data at your fingertips in the Display Block platform without any complex integrations.

  • Lapsed customers
  • High-value browsers
  • Browsers of specific products
  • New customers
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The Personalization Platform to boost ROI.

Fresh Relevance empowers digital marketers to increase online sales and build long-term customer loyalty through right-time, data-driven web, mobile and email personalization with predictable ROI.


About Display Block

We are a creative email agency. We cover all aspects of email marketing from design to campaign deployment.