Integrated SMS

Use Fresh Relevance to engage shoppers with SMS, without the need to have or contract with an SMS provider.

Brands choose Fresh Relevance’s integrated SMS to:

  • Respond to customer behavior in real-time and engage consumers with relevant communications.
  • Increase engagement through welcome messages with a bespoke offer.
  • Provide great customer service with low-in-stock, back-in-stock, price drop and replenishment SMS.
  • Improve cart and browse recovery rate by combining email and SMS messages.

Achieve faster results by engaging shoppers on the most popular device for browsing and purchasing: the smartphone

  • Personalize across a broader set of customer touchpoints and connect directly with your audience through well-timed SMS.
  • Engage shoppers with 1:1 personalized messages, incl. cart abandonment, browse abandonment, purchase complete, as well via custom signals e.g. for bespoke offers.
  • Tailor SMS to the customer’s individual behavior and transactional history.
  • Build and deploy SMS campaigns and advanced workflows using our intuitive drag-and-drop UI – without coding or involving your IT team.
  • Measure SMS contribution, track ROI and spend budget more effectively with revenue-based reporting.
  • Discover what works best with A/B tests.

Concise messages straight to your customer’s hands

With a 98% read rate, SMS is one of the most effective channels for urgency messaging and call-to-actions. Connect directly with consumers at key moments in their customer journey through personalized, contextually relevant SMS campaigns.

Reduce purchase journey friction

Email and SMS are a powerful combination to maximize customer engagement. Achieve faster results and higher order completion rates by sending a mix of email and SMS messages to recover lost revenue or help shoppers stock up on their favorite product.

Integrate easily with existing marketing channels

Effortlessly integrate SMS into your cross-channel mix and launch campaigns that complement your strategy for email, web and app.

Quick & easy implementation

With integrated SMS from Fresh Relevance, you don’t need to have or contract with an SMS provider. You will receive one bill from us, both for the Fresh Relevance personalization platform and SMS.

Tightly integrated, you can set up, execute and optimize SMS campaigns within the Fresh Relevance personalization platform, without the need to access a separate provider.