Fresh Relevance web personalization and recovery emails help boost revenue by 27% for The Book Outlet


The Book Outlet is the trading name for the retail arm of The Book Depot Partnership, which is North America’s largest book wholesaler, offering over one million titles. The online retailer wanted to personalize their customer journey and boost online revenues.

Fresh Relevance collects comprehensive, real-time visitor histories, both for individual visitors and aggregated into crowd-sourced data. It uses this to provide cross-channel web and email personalization - and triggered cart and browse abandonment recovery emails.


The retail arm of The Book Depot Partnership, North America’s largest book wholesaler, is the best seller in bargain books.

Solutions Used

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Fresh Relevance’s real-time marketing software was deployed as part of a project completed by the software company’s US partner, bubblebox:media, to migrate The Book Outlet on to the Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud.

Fresh Relevance adds highly-targeted, real-time book recommendations to The Book Outlet’s web pages and emails, based on which book categories each shopper has been looking at. Relevant categories are promoted to each individual shopper, which helps to maximize conversions.

Trending books and genres are also identified in real-time and are automatically promoted to all shoppers, maximizing the ability to sell books relevant to celebrity or TV endorsement of books and other real-time trends.

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The Book Outlet has surpassed their original goals, with the online retailer experiencing an average of 20% monthly sales uplift rates. Ian Michael, Marketing Director at The Book Outlet comments: “The flexibility offered by Fresh Relevance lets us tune and optimize the product ranges which we promote and helps us to maximize ROI.”