How one consumer electronics provider boosts sales with personalized triggered emails and social proof

Find out how one consumer electronics provider improves revenue and average order value.


Consumer electronics store’s key objective was to improve engagement and sales from first-time buyers and repeat customers.


53% identification rate

& other incredible results…


Triggered emails, personalized email banners and social proof



Consumer electronics stores face many challenges in today’s competitive retail environment. Marketers must work increasingly hard to meet the expectations of customers used to multi-brand online shopping giants like Amazon.

But with the right tools, retailers can meet and exceed customer expectations to keep shoppers coming back.


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identification rate


sales uplift YOY from triggered emails


increase in AOV with ratings in browse abandonment emails


Personalized triggered emails

The omnichannel retailer’s key objective was to improve engagement and sales from first-time buyers and repeat customers. With Fresh Relevance, the company refined highly personalized triggered email workflows including cart and browse abandonment messages.

Each browse and cart abandonment message is topped with a banner, specific to the brand of product the shopper has browsed online. The message also contains all the information they need about the specific products they expressed an interest in to help them make a purchasing decision.

Fresh Relevance’s innovative approach to data collection allows the company to identify 53% of its website visitors – meaning they can now send a far higher volume of triggered emails like cart and browse abandonment.

An innovative four-part post purchase campaign aims to secure that all-important second purchase. The messages invite new customers to leave a review and encourage them to purchase again by recommending related products.



Social proof within emails

Fresh Relevance also pulls information from the company’s social proof provider to automatically populate triggered emails with reviews of the products browsed and/or carted. Including customer ratings and reviews in triggered emails is a great way to reduce purchase anxiety and drive click throughs.

During extensive A/B-testing of the feature, the company recorded a significant sales uplift when product ratings were included. Over a four month period, the monthly AOV generated by browse abandon emails containing star ratings was on average 59% more than that of browse abandonment emails without star ratings.

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