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The B2B eCommerce company needed an easy-to-use solution to help them achieve their personalization goals.


112% year on year sales uplift with web product recommendations

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Cooksongold is UK’s largest one-stop shop for the jewellery maker with over 19,000 products. With a large range of products across a number of categories, the ability to personalize the customer experience is important to Cooksongold. But limited IT resources meant they needed a solution to help them achieve their personalization goals. The company turned to Fresh Relevance. “The Fresh Relevance team and its technology is a vital element of our marketing and eCommerce team. In fact, everything we have ever asked of them has been answered and addressed the same day,” says Jonathan Broadhurst, Ecommerce Executive at Cooksongold.


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increase in sales with cart and browse abandonment emails


increase in sales with product recommendations


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Abandonment emails

The first port of call for Cooksongold was their cart and browse abandonment emails. The company worked with Fresh Relevance to implement triggered emails in conjunction with their ESP, Dotdigital.


“We’ve seen 13% uplift in sales year on year with our cart and browse abandonment emails,”

Jonathan Broadhurst, eCommerce Executive, Cooksongold



Web personalization

The success of the abandonment program led Cooksongold to put major plans in place to use the Fresh Relevance platform to its full extent. “We initially used Fresh Relevance for browse and basket abandonment emails, but quickly realized that Fresh could allow us to undertake initiatives that might have taken IT months to find time to work on and then weeks to implement,” says Jonathan.


“The Site Editor gives us speed, agility and control. It means that we can build, test, trial and even implement a new customer-facing initiative, whether it be a countdown timer or social proof, in a single day”

Jonathan Broadhurst, eCommerce Executive, Cooksongold

These tactics were then extended to the category pages, along with links to helpful blog articles.

On their shopping cart page, the team used Fresh Relevance to add a countdown timer, providing a valuable reminder to visitors to apply their discount voucher code. Jonathan notes its direct impact: “We have seen voucher redemption increase from 35% to 50%, which not only helps to drive sales but also boosts engagement with our customers.”

Jonathan adds, “All of these initiatives led to improvements across the board – including our original basket abandonment emails!”

The Cooksongold team took advantage of the Fresh Relevance Site Editor to speed up the process of making changes to their website. Jonathan comments: “The Site Editor is fantastic! It places the power to positively impact the performance of our website firmly in the hands of our marketing and eCommerce team, freeing up the valuable time of our IT department in the process.”

The Site Editor gives the Cooksongold team total control over what content is presented on the website, but also how and where it is displayed, using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. “The Site Editor gives us speed, agility and control. It means that we can build, test, trial and even implement a new customer-facing initiative, whether it be a countdown timer or social proof, in a single day,” adds Jonathan.

The team started by optimizing their product pages with the high-converting social proof tactic popularity messaging, using real-time browse data to display how many other shoppers are looking at the item on the product page. They also added automated brand logos and highlighted any discounts, clearance items and free delivery.

Additionally, the team made use of Fresh Relevance’s product recommendation functionality to highlight recently browsed items on product pages, enabling them to present products likely to be of specific interest to the customer. “We’ve seen a 112% year on year sales uplift thanks to onsite product recommendations,” says Jonathan.



Experience Management

Cooksongold is making use of Fresh Relevance’s Experience Management tool to tailor the experience for visitors to their site based on location.

The company’s localization experience enables them to identify whether website visitors are based in the UK, EU or the rest of the world and display a tailored welcome offer and free delivery information depending on where they are based. “Previously we had to set localization across all the slots independently, whereas now we set the experience and change it directly within the tool when necessary,” explains Jonathan.

The team have set up a similar British Summer Time (BST) experience, which automatically adjusts time-specific web content, such as opening hours and sale start times, depending on whether the UK is in BST or not.

“The Experience Management tool has reduced our work load, made us more efficient and has taken away a lot of the risk of human error. And it took us less than a day to set up the experiences” says Jonathan.


Final thoughts

When it comes to future plans with Experience Management, Jonathan is keen to optimize their homepage further. “We’d like to use Experience Management to display different category advertising depending on which audience segment the visitor belongs to,” says Jonathan.

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