How this global publisher gets local with real-time email content

Global Publisher


In a competitive online environment, it’s imperative for publishers to serve timely content that resonates with each reader. Here’s how one of our clients, a global media and entertainment business, delights customers with highly targeted email content.

The company uses Fresh Relevance to:

  • Display time-sensitive offers in emails at open time.
  • Automatically populate newsletters and welcome emails with relevant content.
  • Take pressure off regional teams with extensive automation.
total purchase value from product recommendations
sales uplift from cart and browse recovery emails
million emails per week

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Real-time content requirements

The company is a global media business providing millions of visitors with inspiration, news and offers for leisure and entertainment. Key to the publisher’s operations is a thriving eCommerce division that sends millions of emails to subscribers each week, including its hugely popular daily offers.

With the help of Fresh Relevance’s real-time personalization platform for email, mobile and web, many of these emails are populated with highly targeted content and deals.

The company’s offers are extremely time sensitive, with a very small window of opportunity to share content. A piece of content may only be valid for one day, so from a resource perspective it isn’t practical to offer recommendations manually at scale.

The only way this is achievable is by using automation that pulls in the right content from the website, populates each email and optimizes how the customer will view it.

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Serving the right content at the right time

Fresh Relevance was initially introduced to help increase conversions and drive revenues from the company’s daily offer emails.

But it soon became apparent that the use of the platform could be extended for its wider communications.

Working with Fresh Relevance allowed the company to automatically populate not only the daily recommendation emails, but also newsletters and
welcome emails with real-time relevant content.

Dynamic content SmartBlocks give the publisher complete control over the way content is presented within emails.

Once the SmartBlock has been placed (using a drag-and-drop interface) it automatically updates with the latest content depending on the marketing rules that have been applied.

The ability to auto-populate emails takes a huge amount of pressure off regional teams and allows the company to consistently serve the best quality content available at the time.

Increasing revenue with dynamic content

The results speak for themselves. 17% of total purchase value is attributed to product recommendation SmartBlocks. And shopping recovery emails generated an overall sales uplift of 9% in the first year, with browse abandonment messages contributing three quarters of the total recovered revenue.

The company is also using social proof popularity messaging in emails to generate a buzz around popular offers.

Today, more than 5 million emails sent by the publisher each week rely on Fresh Relevance.

Emails as a whole are responsible for 50% of all ecommerce revenues, and this represents 40% of the company’s total revenues.

Working together with Fresh Relevance lets the company deliver the latest content and best local offers for a global audience.