GolfClubs4Cash turns D2C website into highest revenue channel with personalization

Find out how GolfClubs4Cash increases their website conversion rates, boosts average order value, and grows their email & SMS database


With a lack of ownership of customer data & the requirement to pay seller fees for every a sale, the business identified a need to optimize their D2C website.


40% sales attributed to Fresh Relevance technology

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Product recommendations, onsite popovers, data capture, social proof dynamic content & behavioral targeting.

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“Our eCommerce platform is our most youthful sales channel. It follows eBay and our brick and mortar locations. It’s always going to be difficult for software to perform the same role as qualified and experienced sales people, but Fresh Relevance has such a wide range of features for the benefit of the customer experience,” says Dean Cracknell, Head of Marketing at GolfClubs4Cash.

“Fresh Relevance contributes to almost 40% of all sales conversions that we see on our website,” Dean continues.

GolfClubs4Cash is Europe’s biggest second-hand golf equipment supplier and are committed to making golfing affordable for all. They relied on eBay as their main online sales channel, but with a lack of ownership of customer data and the requirement to pay seller fees each time they made a sale, the business identified a need to optimize their D2C website.

Since using Fresh Relevance, GolfClub4Cash’s website has become their highest revenue channel, which means they now own all of their customer data and are more in control of the customer experience.


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sales conversions attributed to Fresh Relevance technology


increase in website conversion rates from product recommendations


add-to-cart rate with product page recommendations


increase in session ID rate from data capture popovers



Product Recommendations

GolfClubs4Cash uses Fresh Relevance to display personalized product recommendations across different web pages to aid product discovery from over 27,000 SKU’s and increase conversion rate across pages.

Selecting from a huge range of data sources and filters means that these can be highly specific to each customer, which has led to a 49% increase in website conversion rate and 10% decrease in Exit Rate.

PLP Recommendations

The business has implemented a product recommendations carousel at the top of their product listing pages to help customers avoid sifting through thousands of products per category. These recommendations are based on predictive behavior of “People like you buy”, which falls back to “Frequently browsed” and then “New products”, all filtered to collection category (brand or club type) and price affinity.


PDP Recommendations

Add to cart rate has close to doubled with the addition of 2 PDP product recommendation blocks. The first uses product tags, descriptions and names to source Similar Products within a % of the average price a customer shops. The second shows the user their Recently Viewed products and combines this with showing predictive personalized recommendations based on which products other customers like them have purchased.


Pop-over recommendations shown based on paid traffic source

GolfClubs4Cash has improved return on advertising spend (ROAS) and combatted the higher bounce rates they were seeing from visitors coming from Google Shopping and paid ads by displaying a popover to those shoppers with AI similar product recommendations. The popover displays on exit-intent for desktop and fixed timed delay of 30 seconds on mobile across product detail pages (PDPs) and has resulted in 55% increase in click-through rate and 18% in conversion rate with PDP as a landing page.


The business also used Fresh Relevance to test the ideal number of product recommendations to display across desktop and mobile, finding inverse relationships across each channel.

Additionally, the business uses a cross-sell product recommendations popover. This helps mirror the in-store experience of cross-selling and was created with the aim of boosting average order value (AOV), since a typical GolfClub4Cash customer checks out with 1 product online, compared to 2-3 products in-store. The recommendations match the brand carted and excludes the same club type.


New customer acquisition & identification

GolfClubs4Cash has implemented a pill-style data capture pop-up with an in-built coupon code to help grow their D2C sales over their eBay channel and boost their email and SMS database. The pop-up met 270% of GolfClub4Cash’s database growth target in the first 2 months of implementation, and has led to a 15% increase in session ID rate.



Popularity messaging

With all of GolfClub4Cash’s inventory being a one-off, urgency to buy is a powerful motivator. The business has capitalized on this with social proof tactic popularity messaging to highlight in-demand products, based on total carted or browsed sessions per product in the previous 24 hours.

“It is quite remarkable how popularity messaging helps drive sales faster,” says Dean.



Dynamic Klarna banner

GolfClubs4Cash has used Fresh Relevance to add a dynamic Klarna banner to PDPs under the price of the product. The banner includes a breakdown of costs for customers to help increase conversion rates, highlight affordability and boost average order value.


Behavioral targeting

GolfClubs4Cash uses Fresh Relevance behavioral targeting to identify and re-target customers with brand affinities to Titleist, Callaway and other major brands who have been ‘window shopping’, i.e. browsing without buying.


Future plans

“Partnering with Fresh Relevance was one of the best decisions that GolfClubs4Cash has made. Leaning on a partner like Fresh Relevance that boasts a wealth of expertise and knowledge will help take your business from zero to a hundred in a fairly short period of time, and I would say that with some confidence,” says Dean.

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