kleertjes.com achieves 7.5% YOY email marketing sales uplift by improving customer identification and introducing personalization

Find out how kleertjes.com recovers cart abandonment revenue, identifies more website visitors and increases online sales.


Looking to personalize and further automate their email marketing, kleerjes.com implemented the Fresh Relevance personalization platform.


65% identification rate

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Cart abandonment emails and product recommendations

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kleertjes.com is the biggest online retailer for children’s brand clothing and shoes in The Netherlands, aiming to make clothes shopping hasslefree for busy parents. Looking to personalize and further automate their email marketing, the company implemented the Fresh Relevance personalization platform. As a result of introducing a new approach to its shopping recovery messages and improving the customer identification rate, the retailer has achieved a 347% YOY sales uplift for their cart abandonment messages and a 126% YOY uplift for their browse emails. The company also introduced personalized product recommendations within emails.


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YOY email marketing sales uplift


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Cart abandonment email

One of the early rapid improvements was achieved by overhauling the cart abandonment strategy which previously triggered a single cart abandonment email two hours after a customer had left their shopping cart. The new two-step campaign automatically triggers an email 15 minutes after departure and then again after 24 hours, if no action is taken by the customer. The revised approach has been complimented by a significant uplift in customer identification, which is a decisive factor for any remarketing effort. Senior Email Marketer at kleertjes.com, Niek Stofbergen explains: “By combining multiple identification strategies, the platform allows us to track shoppers across multiple devices without requiring them to log in. In no time, we went from a 25% identification rate to an extremely impressive 65%.”



Product recommendations

With this newfound customer insight, the kleertjes.com marketing team were now in a strong position to introduce personalized product recommendations into email newsletters including bestsellers, ‘people like you buy’ and ‘recommended for you’. They have also launched branded newsletters, whereby any customer who buys Tommy Hilfiger for example, will receive an email with recommendations as soon as the new collection is released. The results have been amazing as Stofbergen adds: “Today, our work with Fresh Relevance is driving approximately 2.1% of our overall gross sales.”


Future plans

Looking to the near future, kleertjes.com is planning to further extend its use of the Fresh Relevance platform with the introduction of price drop alert and replenishment emails as well as increasing website personalization. Stofbergen offers this advice to other retailers: “Even if you’re already running abandonment campaigns I would recommend Fresh Relevance to anyone who wants to drive revenue by delivering more targeted emails. Fresh Relevance will identify more customers and feed your ESP with more personalized and relevant triggers so that volumes in your best converting campaigns will increase significantly.” He concludes: “The technology and performance surpassed my expectations.”

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