LSE Retail makes their Iconic Lights website shine by switching on onsite personalization

Find out how LSE Retail substantially increased their marketing database and online sales.


After seeing promising results with product recommendations, LSE Retail wanted to replace their existing tool with a solution that gave us increased control and enabled us to go further with personalization and optimization.


75% increase in new customer sign ups with data capture popover
& other incredible results


Onsite popovers, data capture, dynamic content, countdown timers & product recommendations

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LSE Retail is a UK based online retailer of home lighting, fulfilling over 1,000,000 orders a year for their three brands: Iconic Lights, Value Lights and Minisun Trade

After testing a product recommendations tool and seeing promising results, LSE Retail decided to invest in a full personalization solution. We caught up with Therese Evans, Head of Strategy and Planning, and Leila Boyd, CRO Manager to find out more.

“We saw that product recommendations had a positive impact on our site metrics, but we wanted to replace our existing tool with a solution that gave us increased control and enabled us to go further with personalization and optimization. That’s where Fresh Relevance came in,” says Therese. “I’m really impressed with Fresh Relevance. It’s so refreshing to work with a partner where there are no surprises when it comes to implementation,” continues Therese.


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increase in revenue with product recommendations carousels


increase in new customer sign ups with data capture popover


increase in Klarna payments with dynamic banner


Product recommendations

LSE Retail are making use of product recommendation SmartBlocks on their brands’ homepages and product pages. Leila explains: “Most of our traffic comes through to our PDPs, so it’s important for me to be able to optimize those pages. Fresh Relevance is great because it gives you complete autonomy over styling, functionality and website placement. It allows marketers to make actionable changes without the usual barriers of external or internal development teams.” 

By adding product recommendations to the product pages, LSE Retail are able to showcase a wider range of their products, giving customers an extra dose of inspiration and helping them find the right product for them. “We’ve seen a 3% revenue uplift with our PDP product recommendation carousels and we’ve also seen the CTR double when a user interacts with the carousel vs. the overall site CTR,” says Leila.



Data capture popovers

A more recent addition to the LSE Retail brands’ websites is a data capture popover for new customers, which was first implemented for Black Friday to capitalize on the increase in new visitors during this busy shopping period. A 10% discount for new customers off their first order was added to boost sign ups.

“The data capture popover was displayed to new visitors on the homepage and throughout the website with branding that matched our Black Friday campaign. It was really good to have the ability to target new visitors exclusively and get that continuity of branding. The flexibility allows us to maintain the popovers with very little maintenance,” says Leila. “New customer sign ups increased by 75% over the two months we displayed the Black Friday popover,” continues Leila.



Countdown timer

The team at LSE Retail were keen to generate more urgency on their brands’ websites and see how their customers responded. Countdown timers were put in place in November in line with their Black Friday promotions to create that urgency they were looking for. “Once the countdown timer hit the final 24 hours, there was a spike in sales and we could clearly see the effectiveness of the timer,” says Leila. “The countdown timers were also really easy to implement, which was a bonus,” continues Leila.


Dynamic banners

With the majority of traffic coming through to their product pages, LSE Retail were keen to optimize these pages further with dynamic content. Using Fresh Relevance, the team implemented a dynamic banner to highlight the option to pay via Klarna, displaying the exact cost per payment. This gives LSE Retail’s customers the power to plan their spending more effectively. “We used Fresh Relevance to calculate and display the price of each payment, and I would never take that banner off of the site now. We saw a 4% uplift in payments through Klarna for Iconic Lights, and a 7% uplift in Klarna payments for Value Lights,” explains Leila.



Future plans

With their email team growing, LSE Retail will be working with Fresh Relevance to optimize this channel using product recommendation banners and more. They are keen to ensure the customer experience is aligned across channels, and are looking into Fresh Relevance’s Experience Management functionality as a way to do this. They also plan to use Fresh Relevance to increase their AOV.

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