Moss Bros attributes £5,000 of sales a week to cart abandonment emails from Fresh Relevance

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Leading formal menswear specialist with over 135 retail stores and a burgeoning eCommerce business.

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An iconic brand on the UK high street, Moss Bros has over 135 retail stores and a burgeoning eCommerce business, Moss Bros online, which was launched in 2009. Moss Bros initially contacted Fresh Relevance to help with shopping cart abandonment. However, they soon realized Fresh Relevance could deliver even greater benefits such as access to real-time visitor data that would deliver insight into customer needs, wants, trends and behaviors, positively impacting its operations.

Database Services Manager at Moss Bros, Matthew Grisman, explains the reason for choosing Fresh Relevance: “We recognized that with Fresh Relevance we would have a great opportunity to engage with customers who visit Moss Bros online but leave without making a purchase, and encourage them to complete their transaction.” He was particularly impressed by the experience of the team at Fresh Relevance, and the technical ease with which it could be implemented and integrated with its existing eCommerce systems.

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Today, if a customer visits Moss Bros online, abandons their cart and does not return, they will receive a personalized email after 20 minutes that includes the items that they expressed an interest in. Furthermore, to maximize the sales opportunity the message also includes crowd-sourced product recommendations based on what is new on the site, in order to generate cross and upsell opportunities.

The company typically sends between 200 and 300 automated emails via the Fresh Relevance system each day, although during peak period such as Christmas, the mid-season sale and end of year clearance, the volumes skyrocket and well over 1,000 messages per day is not uncommon.

“The Fresh Relevance solution is something that I believe every eCommerce retailer should have.”
Matthew Grisman, Database Services Manager
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“Our online ready-to-wear sales are now growing at an astonishing rate,” comments Grisman on the success of the system. “Last year we turned over approximately £110 million, of which 5% was from Moss Bros online. This year it is set to be between 8% and 10%.”

Moss Bros online carefully measures the success of the Fresh Relevance system, looking closely at whether a transaction is the result of a customer receiving an email, clicking through and ultimately buying. “We can attribute up to £5,000 of sales per week to this process, equating to approximately 2.5% of our online business every week,” explains Grisman. “We are recording open rates of 60% which is in contrast to the 20% of our standard marketing emails. “The open rates of our cart abandonment emails are truly outstanding. This means as a tool for engaging with customers it is a very valuable one.”


The cart abandonment initiative has proven to be major success story for Moss Bros online, but the company sees even greater value in working with Fresh Relevance to capture and use the vast amounts of visitor data it collects and pump this directly in to its new FastStats CRM application. Grisman observes that: “It is like turning on a data fire hose! We are now filling our database with rich and usable information.” The CRM system marries the data flooding in from the Fresh Relevance ‘fire hose’ with transactions, customer history and visitor behavior, helping to provide a single customer view. Grisman adds: “This is exciting as we are able to be very clever in how we analyze this up-to-date knowledge and in turn understand, predict and rapidly react to customer trends and behaviors. We are in the early stages but we anticipate the return on investment impact to be huge.”

Grisman concludes: “The Fresh Relevance solution is something I believe that every eCommerce retailer should have live on their site.”