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MyOptique Group was looking for ways to bring the same innovative focus to its marketing in order to improve customer engagement, when their ESP recommended Fresh Relevance


4.3% recovered revenue from abandonment email campaigns

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Cart and browse abandonment emails, product recommendations and social proof

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MyOptique Group is driven by a passion to provide the best possible customer experience through constant innovation. Its online retail brands – Glasses Direct, Sunglasses Shop and EyewearBrands – lead the European optical industry and were the first to introduce features such as the online sale of prescription eyewear, free home trials and virtual mirrors.

Looking for ways to bring the same innovative focus to its marketing in order to improve customer engagement and drive sales across all its brands, the company was delighted when its trusted Email Service Provider Adestra recommended Fresh Relevance. “We were reviewing several options but only Fresh Relevance with its real-time personalization platform for email, mobile and web, was able to meet all our requirements,” explains Benedetto Ferretti, Senior CRM Database Executive at MyOptique Group. “What’s more, because the platform was already tightly integrated with Adestra, it gave us the confidence that we could make quick progress.”


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recovered revenue for Glasses Direct via abandonment emails


increase in online revenue for Glasses Direct


recovered revenue for EyewearBrands via abandonment emails


Cart and browse abandonment campaigns

The speed of progress and results have been strong, with MyOptique Group now incorporating personalized real-time content such as product recommendations on its website and in triggered and campaign emails. Glasses Direct attributes 1.2% of online revenue to web recommendations. Cart and browse abandonment campaigns have already led Glasses Direct to recover revenue that equates to 4.2% of total sales, Sunglasses Shop 2% and EyewearBrands a similarly impressive 4.3%.



Social proof

A more recent addition to the LSE Retail brands’ websites is a data capture popover for new MyOptique Group also harnesses the power of social proof through the inclusion of user-generated content pulled from Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest in emails and displays on the product detail page how many people have looked at or purchased the item that day. The social proof feature has had over 5.7 million impressions since implementing.

The group was also part of an exclusive collective of retailers that collaborated with Fresh Relevance in the development and testing of its ratings & reviews functionality which launched in early 2018. The new feature enables MyOptique Group to automatically pull product and service reviews from the Trustpilot API and incorporate them across channels.

“Our customers are fantastic advocates, going online to share pictures of their latest eyewear purchases and enthusiastically writing about the great experience they have shopping with us. It is something we are very proud of,” adds Jonathan Zetlaoui, Head of Product, Customer Experience & Analytics at MyOptique Group. “Fresh Relevance’s ratings & reviews feature is really easy to set up and use. It’s a great way to showcase the quality of our products to customers, either on site or in emails.”

Benedetto concludes: “Fresh Relevance is a robust platform which delivers advanced features and functions with the lightest possible integration. Thanks to its drag and drop SmartBlocks we have total control over how we present real-time content to our customers in all of our emails, in order to make the strongest impact possible.”

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