Drive conversions and engagement through product and service reviews.

Trustpilot users choose Fresh Relevance to:

  • Make marketing more engaging and better converting.
  • Tackle browse, form and cart abandonment.
  • Build consumer trust in a purchase decision.
  • Harness FOMO to speed up decision making.

Get more out of Trustpilot to boost ROI

By joining up Fresh Relevance and Trustpilot, you can engage and sell using authentic, live product and service reviews across your emails and online store.

You can display rating stars and detailed reviews on the website, in bulk and triggered emails, product recommendations etc. while ensuring that only recent and positive scores are shown.

Performance Dashboard

Inject social proof into all your marketing tactics

Use ratings and reviews across all of your marketing tactics to drive conversions and engagement through the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO).

Extensive dashboards

Access granular insights into how each segment is performing. Test and optimize marketing based on customer behavior and ROI.

Improved website identification rate

Fresh Relevance identifies more shoppers across channels and devices than any other platform which enables you to reach more shoppers.

Data at your fingertips

Quick & easy implementation

Fresh Relevance pulls your product reviews through a direct integration from the Trustpilot API, including scores and counts.

To collect customer data and personalize the experience across channels, Fresh Relevance can be added to any website with a few clicks.