Fresh Relevance help Tap Warehouse achieve 43% conversion rate uplift from cart and browse abandonment emails


Tap Warehouse is a UK online retailer of bathroom and kitchen products, with around one million visitors to its website each year. The company recognized that engaging its customer base via email was a powerful way to enhance the customer experience and also increase revenues, so when Senior Digital Marketing Executive, Frode Myklebust, joined in 2014, his remit was to build an email marketing program from the ground up.


UK online retailer of bathroom and kitchen products.

Solutions Used

7% Sales Uplift
60% Increase in Click-to-Open Rate From Dynamic Content
43% Increase in Conversion Rate From Dynamic Content
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Putting the right foundations in place was essential, so Myklebust listened to a recommendation from a development partner and turned to the real-time engagement marketing company, Fresh Relevance. Working together, Fresh Relevance and Tap Warehouse developed and implemented a successful strategy for managing cart and browse abandonment.

Myklebust explains: “In the 13 months that we have been working together we have been able to attribute a 7% sales uplift direct to our activity with Fresh Relevance, which constitutes a very decent return-on-investment and provides a steady stream of revenue for the company.”

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Tap Warehouse now sends approximately 2,000 abandonment emails per month (a customer receives an initial email after 30 minutes for an abandoned cart and an hour after a browse session), achieving an impressive 50% - 60% open rate. However, Tap Warehouse expect to raise this rate even higher and is continually testing to improve it open and conversion rates.

Myklebust, cites a recent A/B test. “We offer free delivery on orders over £250 and wanted to assess the impact of dynamically including a message in the pre-header and body of our cart abandonment emails, which qualified for this service.” He adds: “Working collaboratively with Fresh Relevance, we conducted the test and recorded an impressive 60% improvement in click-to-open rate, but more impressively it also resulted in a 43% conversion rate uplift!”

Myklebust concludes: “I love email marketing! It sits head and shoulders above other methods of customer engagement and Fresh Relevance leads the field in providing the technology and expertise that enables Tap Warehouse to not only provide our customers with a better shopping experience, but also maximize our sales opportunities.”