Turn Mailchimp into a screaming powerhouse that competes with the leading advanced email marketing platforms.

Mailchimp users choose the Fresh Relevance personalization platform to:

  • Deploy a range of agile email content tools in any email sent from Mailchimp.
  • Design the recommendations strategy that best achieves their unique goals.
  • Recover more shopping carts than with any other system.
  • Enrich Mailchimp with transactional and behavioral customer data from the website.

Get more out of Mailchimp to boost ROI

By joining up Fresh Relevance and Mailchimp, you can fuel your growth marketing and consistently achieve KPIs by personalizing campaigns across channels.

Fresh Relevance collects real-time behavioral data and product data as customers shop and browse on the website. It also offers a comprehensive set of digital marketing tools to personalize your emails and the website based on these insights. All emails can be customized via Fresh Relevance and sent via Mailchimp. This means you can benefit from higher ROI through increased relevance while protecting your sender reputation.

Performance Dashboard

Comprehensive set of cross-channel personalization tools

Features include dynamic content, social proof, behavioral targeting, advanced email capture, product recommendations and triggered emails.

Extensive dashboards

Access granular insights into how each segment is performing. Test and optimize marketing based on customer behavior and ROI.

Improved website identification rate

Fresh Relevance identifies more shoppers across channels and devices than any other platform which enables you to reach more shoppers.

Data at your fingertips

Quick & easy implementation

Thanks to the pre-built integration with Mailchimp, getting started is just a question of entering your Mailchimp API log-in credentials into Fresh Relevance and following the step-by-step set-up instructions within Mailchimp.

To collect customer data and personalize the experience across channels, Fresh Relevance can be added to any website with a few clicks.