VioVet’s education-led emails boost veterinary supply sales


One of the UK’s largest veterinary supplies retailers.

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As one of the UK’s largest and most trusted veterinary supplies retailers, VioVet Ltd’s website is a rich resource, filled with leading brand products and information for pet owners.

The company was looking for a way to help customers to make the right decision regarding food and medications, and in doing so improve sales. The solution was Fresh Relevance and its real-time personalization platform for email, mobile and web.

Increase in Clickthroughs
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VioVet worked closely with a Strategic Consultant from Fresh Relevance’s Professional Services team, to identify areas where customers would leave without making a purchase, and uncovered opportunities for significant sales growth.

Marketing Manager at VioVet Ltd, Verity Beaton, explains how the company is now helping visitors to make the right choices: “In addition to ensuring we have all the information visitors need and making it easily accessible online, we took the decision with Fresh Relevance to expand our use of cart and browse abandonment emails and introduce specialist triggered messages.”

Fresh Relevance integrates with VioVet’s bespoke eCommerce system, ensuring these education-led emails are sent to visitors within one hour of them leaving the website. “We identified and targeted the areas that were resulting in the highest levels of abandonment, which we felt could deliver the highest returns,” explains Verity. These areas were dog food, dog flea, tick and mite treatments, horse worming, dog worming and prescription medication.

“The expertise and guidance from the Fresh Relevance Professional Services Team has been instrumental and invaluable in conceiving and creating this campaign.”
Verity Beaton, Marketing Manager
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Now, each visitor will receive a timely email with expert information and advice relating to the specific pages they had been viewing. For example, if a visitor was viewing the horse worming page, the email they receive will include VioVet’s ‘A Quick Guide to Horse Worming’, likewise, browsing dog food will ensure they are sent advice on ‘Choosing the right commercial diet for your dog.’  VioVet has also introduced Fresh Relevance SmartBlocks into these communications to display relevant associated products.

Within a few months VioVet was reaping the rewards: “This new initiative is performing incredibly well, with the horse worming emails alone generating an additional £1.02 per email sent.” Verity adds: “Open rates for all our specialist triggered emails are extremely impressive, with prescription medications emails achieving a 48% open rate, compared to a 32% open rate for our more general browse abandonment emails, which is impressive in its own right!”

However, the company has been able to improve the success of its emails even further, by being one of the first organisations to introduce Fresh Relevance’s Ratings & Reviews functionality. The new feature integrates with VioVet’s own in-house star rating system, ensuring every product recommendation, cart and browse abandonment email automatically display the latest relevant customer ratings. This has resulted in a 19% increase in clickthroughs.

Verity concludes: “The expertise and guidance from the Fresh Relevance Professional Services Team has been instrumental and invaluable in conceiving and creating this campaign. Our customers are better informed and therefore feel more confident in making the right purchasing decision, and that is reflected in our improved sales figures.”