How 5 eCommerce businesses use geotargeting to optimize the cross-channel customer experience

Covid-19 has changed consumer behavior. The dramatic shift from bricks to clicks that marked the beginning of the pandemic has transformed into a desire to shop both online and in-store as the lockdown restrictions have eased and the economy has opened up again.

Now, it’s time for retailers and brands to reassess their omnichannel strategies to ensure they stay relevant and succeed in the new era of retail.

Geotargeting is a key component of any good omnichannel strategy, helping to connect the dots between your physical and online stores.

In this lookbook, you’ll find best-in-class examples of geotargeting tactics from 5 eCommerce businesses, selected based on findings from theĀ Fresh Relevance Geotargeting Report.

Learn how to improve the customer experience with:
  • Weather-based product recommendations
  • Stock availability messaging
  • Personalized incentives to shop in-store
  • Nearest store information
  • Click and collect options
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