How 17 eCommerce brands personalize the customer journey to reconvert existing customers

Learn how to:

  • Use post-purchase emails to encourage customers to share user generated content and return to your website
  • Tailor the website experience with personalized navigation bars, search pages and welcome back popovers
  • Send timely triggered emails that give customers the boost they need to make another purchase

See what’s inside:
You know that carefully crafted customer journey we laid out in our new visitor edition of The Ultimate Ecommerce CRO Lookbook?

The journey doesn’t stop once you convert your new visitor into a customer. Nor does it go back to the beginning to be repeated in a never ending loop.

When it comes to retaining and reconverting existing customers, it pays to give them the tailored experience they deserve, rather than treating them like one of the crowd every time they come back to your website. In fact, research shows that acquiring new customers costs 5 times as much as retaining existing ones.

To engage your returning customers, you’ll need to combine a new set of CRO tactics with some of the tactics you used to convert them initially to craft a tailored customer experience. And with more browsing and past purchase data up your sleeve, you’ll be able to really personalize the journey to the individual.

Read on for best-in-class personalization and optimization examples from 17 brands who’ve honed their customer experiences for maximum conversions.

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