Real Time Marketing Report for January 2022

Real-Time Marketing Report for Q2: 2020

This monthly report covers Email and Web Personalization plus Cart and Browse Recovery results for January 2022, based on the performance of Fresh Relevance clients.

This can act as a benchmark for your business.



Sales uplift for web and email personalization and triggered emails



  • While significant sales uplifts were seen across all sectors, the Kids and Multi-Brand Retail sectors have seen the most impact from personalization and triggered emails.
  • Web personalization drove the biggest uplift across all verticals in comparison with email personalization and triggered emails.
  • Triggered emails had the highest impact in Europe.



The above figures show conversion rate from email to purchase.



Cart abandonment is a significantly higher issue in the US than the UK or Europe, where it is fairly consistent. However, recovery rate is similar across all three regions, which shows there is great opportunity for the use of cart abandonment recovery emails in North America.




Cart abandonment ID rates are fairly consistent across regions, while the US sees a slightly lower browse abandonment ID rate.

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