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How to automatically swap out your marketing content over Christmas

December 15th 2021

By Scott Humphrey

Solutions Consultant

Automation can be a marketer’s best friend, especially during the frantic festive season. Here are a few ways you can make your peak period easier and automatically swap out Christmas content with Fresh Relevance’s Experience Management and Slot tools.

Experience Management

With Fresh Relevance’s Experience Management, you can tailor the entire customer journey throughout your site depending on customer behavior or over a specific time period, such as Black Friday.

There are a couple of different ways to automatically swap out marketing content over Christmas with Experience Management.

Firstly, you could duplicate your standard, non-Christmas experience and set it to switch on at the beginning of January. Or, if you’ve already got your Christmas experience live now, you could create a shiny new experience for the new year and again, set that to automatically go live at the beginning of January.

Christmas experience

In this example, website visitors are greeted with a festive banner that includes dynamic name personalization to personally wish the shopper a Merry Christmas. Stocking filler recommendations are featured prominently under the banner. These could be based on products that are under £20 or the Impulse Buys data source for high converting items, for example.

Example of Christmas-themed homepage

Using Experience Management, you could also personalize other areas of your marketing as part of your Christmas experience, for example including a countdown to the Christmas delivery cut-off on your product pages and highlighting festive social media content in your marketing emails.

Slot marketing rules

If your business goes big for Christmas and you give your whole customer experience a festive makeover, Experience Management is the best option for you. However, if you only change a few pieces of content here and there, such as banners, this can easily be achieved with Fresh Relevance’s Slot tool.

With Slots, you can simply create your Christmas content, such as the festive banner we saw in the previous example, navigate to your existing banner Slot and swap out the content. You can then create a rule to stop displaying the Christmas content on a date of your choosing and automatically swap back to your non-festive banner.

Fresh Relevance slot rules

During the busy peak period, every bit of automation can go a long way towards saving precious hours that could be spent working on something else. With Fresh Relevance’s Experience Management and Slot tools, you can enjoy the festivities safe in the knowledge that your Christmas content has been taken care of.

By Scott Humphrey

Solutions Consultant

As Solutions Consultant at Fresh Relevance, Scott manages the demonstration environment and helps the wider team to find the best possible product solutions for our clients.