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10 royally good emails celebrating the Coronation of King Charles III

April 27th 2023

Roheena Chogley

By Roheena Chogley

Account Manager

On the 6th May 2023, the UK will celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III. The Coronation itself will include a service and processions, and Monday the 8th May will be a bank holiday for the UK.

The Coronation presents a perfect opportunity for retailers and brands to get creative and mark the occasion with an email marketing campaign. Keep reading for 10 of our favorite Coronation-themed emails.

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1. Broadway Travel gives out tips on how best to celebrate the bank holiday

Broadway Travel knows their customers well. They know customers likely want to make the most out of bank holidays to enjoy their annual leave even more, so the company shows their customers exactly what days they could go on holiday to make the most out of their time away. 

Not only could this increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by being helpful, it could also increase revenue as customers are choosing longer holidays.

Source: Broadway Travel email

2. Canopy & Stars recommends the best places to celebrate

Similarly to Broadway Travel, Canopy & Stars knows their customers may want to get away during the Coronation bank holiday. They show several options of recommendations where customers could go around the different holidays around the Coronation bank holiday, based on customers’ previous behavior.

Source: Canopy & Stars email

3. Poundshop celebrates with special products

What better way to celebrate a coronation than to create special products centered around the event? Poundshop does just that. With several products around the union jack flag and the new King, the email is filled with celebration and call-to-actions (CTA). Each of the links lead straight to the product that it represents, allowing customers to quickly fill their carts with the products they’re interested in from their emails.

Source: Poundshop email

4. Happy Puzzle Company creates a special memory of the late Queen Elizabeth II

Not only does the Happy Puzzle Company commemorate the late Queen Elizabeth II in their new product, they also give customers a time-sensitive coupon code. Clicking on this banner at the top of the email takes the customer straight to the product listing page, allowing customers to speed up their purchase decisions.

Source: The Happy Puzzle Company

5. Good Housekeeping magazine gives away free copies of their special royal edition

Good Housekeeping also has a special product created for the Coronation, and they use a gamification tactic to encourage customers to join in with the celebrations. In their email marketing, they announce that the first 250 new subscribers get the Coronation special for free.

Source: Good Housekeeping email

6. Hobbycraft helps decorate with craft ideas

Hobbycraft’s email includes products specially designed for creating crafts for the Coronation. They also include a ‘find store’ button, making use of geotargeting. If a customer clicks on this CTA, they arrive on a page on the Hobbycraft website that can find where their closest store is.

Source: Hobbycraft email

7. Le Creuset provides recipe ideas for the big day

Not only does Le Creuset make use of the Union Jack flag colors in all their product recommendations in this email, but they also have a CTA leading to recipes on their website. This will help drive traffic to their website, as well as give their customers some nice new dishes to try out.

Source: Le Creuset email

8. Ancestry makes use of a pun – and a free trial

In the Coronation email example below, Ancestry entices customers to try their 14-day free trial to find out who their ancestors are. They make use of the pun “Discover the crowning moments in your family’s story”, encouraging customers to find out if they are somehow related to any royal family. This builds intrigue, likely increasing the chances customers will try their services.

Source: Ancestry email

9. Wex Photo Video reminds customers on why they should use their products

Wex Photo Video knows that a large base of their customers will want to get photos of the ceremonial processions, and they know they have the perfect products for that job. This is what they remind customers of in their email.

The email ends with a positive rating via Trustpilot, building confidence for their brand with their customers. This speeds up decision making, and builds trust within the customer base.

Source: Wex Photo Video email

10. Lights4fun reassures shoppers with guarantees and clear returns policy

Customers want to know that the products they buy for the King’s Coronation are going to last. This is especially true when it comes to products like outdoor lighting, fit for a bank holiday party. 

Lights4fun reassures customers that their products are high quality and builds trust with customers by being clear about their 30 day returns policy. They also let customers know about their 2 year guarantee, which also helps with purchase confidence.

Source: Lights4fun email

Final thoughts

Did any of these Coronation email examples inspire you to improve your own email marketing campaigns? If you need ideas for the next big event for your email marketing, check out our ultimate eCommerce marketing calendar.

Already have ideas but not sure how to implement them? Book a demo today to see how we can help.


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Roheena Chogley

By Roheena Chogley

Account Manager

As Account Manager at Fresh Relevance, Roheena works with renowned brands in the eCommerce and travel space to ensure success with their content personalization programmes in email and online.