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Upgraded ratings and reviews integration: Trustpilot

January 18th 2023

Lucy Russell

By Lucy Russell

Head of Product Management

We’re excited to announce that we’ve upgraded our integration with ratings and review provider, Trustpilot.

Fresh Relevance integrates with Trustpilot to automatically pull ratings and reviews into marketing content. Joint customers can boost trust, guide website visitors towards a purchase, and drive email click-throughs with user-generated content.

Keep reading to find out how our joint customers can benefit from the integration and what the upgraded integration entails.

How joint customers benefit

Cross-channel social proof

Dynamic content SmartBlocks allow joint customers to display ratings and reviews from their shoppers across multiple channels, such as bulk and triggered emails and the website.

For example, they can be used in service and product review carousels on homepages, product pages and checkouts powered by Fresh Relevance’s data, including shoppers’ browsing history, location, customer segment and more.

Joint customers can also use dynamic product star ratings on product recommendations in email newsletters to give shoppers an added incentive to click through.

Additionally, product star ratings and review snippets can be used in cart and browse abandonment emails to give shoppers the confidence to complete their purchase.

Smart filtering

Filtering by rating and number of reviews

Our technology allows joint customers to recommend products based on the average product rating and the number of reviews to ensure top rated items are showcased. Joint customers can create recommendation blocks such as “top rated products” by applying filters to existing data sources and can control the products that are shown by picking a minimum rating to be given (for example, no ratings below 3) as well as the minimum number of reviews (for example, only show products with more than five reviews). In this case, at least five shoppers would have to rate the product with 3 stars or more for the rating to appear in web and email content.

Filtering by keywords

Joint customers can also filter their reviews by keywords, such as ‘fast shipping’, to ensure they show content that’s right for their campaign. Additionally, these keyword filters can be combined with existing filters, such as ‘service reviews’ and ‘4+ stars’.

Filter by photo reviews

Joint customers can filter reviews by the number of images, as well as filtering to only show reviews that have photos attached.

Control over look and feel

Joint customers can configure the appearance of ratings and reviews within the Fresh Relevance interface and optimize the layout of web pages by showing Trustpilot content only to certain customer segments.

Testing and optimization

Joint customers can use our A/B testing and automated optimization functionality to optimize the use of ratings and reviews and quickly measure the impact on their marketing campaigns.

What’s new?

We have upgraded our integration with Trustpilot to use their newer APIs. As a result, our joint customers now have the option to import reviews and include them in their marketing campaigns within Fresh Relevance.

We have also upgraded how users authorize between Trustpilot and Fresh Relevance, making it easier for our customers to link up the two systems.

Book a demo with us today to find out how Fresh Relevance and Trustpilot can help you achieve your business goals.

Lucy Russell

By Lucy Russell

Head of Product Management

As Head of Product Management at Fresh Relevance, Lucy works closely with our customers and the wider team to shape the product roadmap and oversees the roll-out of all new features.