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Feature Highlight: Geotargeting tools to drive content based on location (with or without identifying individuals)

April 29th 2021

Lucy Russell

By Lucy Russell

Head of Product Management

Feature Highlight: Geotargeting - featured image

A shopper’s physical location – as well as the location of a product – can be important in influencing the buying decision and you don’t necessarily need a shopper’s ‘identity’ to target content based on location.

Fresh Relevance detects user locations for anyone visiting the website, even if they haven’t been identified yet. The system also automatically takes product data form the website or appends location data to products via data imports.

Once people are identified, Fresh Relevance stores location data against identified profiles via imports such as postcodes or zip codes from your CRM system.

Read on to discover how to drive content and conversions based on location with Fresh Relevance’s geotargeting functionality (with or without identifying individuals).

1) Show Nearest Store Content

With bricks and mortar stores starting to open up, driving footfall to re-engage your customers is key. Our templated content items, known as SmartBlocks, can be used alongside a simple CSV import of your store locations (using postcode or ZIPcode) to show your website visitors, or email recipients, the details of their nearest store.

Keep customers informed by showing them which stores near them are opening up and when. Plus, build excitement with a templated countdown timer!

2) Display products near the customer

We’re aware that some products are ‘location sensitive’. In eCommerce, that could be a piece of furniture that the customer wants to sit on before buying. In recruitment, it could be the location of a job being advertised. Or in publishing it could be a region- or country-specific magazine.

Fresh Relevance can associate locations with products, then utilize this data alongside the person’s location to only show products located within the same region or at the shopper’s closest store.

3) Trigger an email based on the location of products interacted with

Fresh Relevance tracks website visitor behavior, for example which products the shopper has browsed, carted or bought. This data, combined with the product location data, allows for the system to be easily configured to trigger emails if the products interacted with are located near to the shopper.

For example, if a shopper is near a store where the products they have browsed or carted are located, an email can be triggered to remind them of the products and prompt them to view/purchase them at the named store. It can be particularly important for tactile shopper types to visually see and feel a product before purchase.

4) Show content based on location

Website visitors or email recipients from different regions may benefit from seeing different content. This could be on a large scale, such as different delivery information for UK vs EU visitors or maybe on a smaller scale showing St. Andrew’s Day content to Scottish visitors only. Or on a micro scale, show content to people in individual regions such as states in the USA.
The shopper’s physical location has a big influence on their interests and needs when engaging with your emails or online store. With geotargeting tactics such as the ones outlined here, you can tailor the customer experience based on where shoppers and products are located, ensuring your shoppers see content that’s most likely to keep them engaged.

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Lucy Russell

By Lucy Russell

Head of Product Management

As Head of Product Management at Fresh Relevance, Lucy works closely with our customers and the wider team to shape the product roadmap and oversees the roll-out of all new features.