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New integration: Mapp SMS users can now power personalized triggered messages via Fresh Relevance

March 31st 2023

Mike Austin

By Mike Austin

CEO & Co-founder

We’re happy to announce that we’ve added another SMS integration to Fresh Relevance’s expanding portfolio: Mapp.

The Fresh Relevance system can now be easily linked up to Mapp SMS, so joint customers can use our data-driven behavioral tracking platform to trigger targeted, personalized and timely SMS sends from Mapp.

The Fresh Relevance personalization platform captures behavioral and transactional data from website visitors, identifies visitors with sophisticated data capture tools and provides a comprehensive suite of cross-channel personalization tactics to provide customers with a tailored experience that sets our clients apart from their competitors.

Mapp enables users to send SMS messages with a dedicated short code, a short code plus keyword, or an international long number. Users can use automations to immediately react to inbound SMS messages, with the ability to restrict the automation to inbound SMS messages that contain certain words, like “coupon” or “help”. They also offer international SMS capabilities, allowing users to reach international subscribers in expanding markets across the globe. Mapp partners with SAP to optimize routing and delivery. SAP has a large number of mobile data centers, all of which are compliant with strict EU standards (ISO/IEC 27001).

Fresh Relevance’s features integrate seamlessly with Mapp’s SMS capabilities to create conversion-boosting triggered SMS message campaigns. Keep reading to learn more about why we’ve introduced this integration and how the integration works.

Why we’ve introduced this integration

With a whopping 98% read rate, SMS is one of the most effective channels for urgency messaging and call-to-actions. Our SMS Triggers feature allows marketers to connect directly with consumers at key moments in their customer journey through personalized, contextually relevant SMS campaigns, and our integration with Mapp will empower their customers to take advantage of this.

Along with email, SMS is a powerful channel for maximizing customer engagement. Marketers can achieve faster results and higher order completion rates by sending a mix of email and SMS messages to recover lost revenue, help shoppers stock up on their favorite product and more.

How the integration works

Joint clients of Fresh Relevance and Mapp can:

  • Engage shoppers with 1:1 personalized messages, including cart abandonment, browse abandonment and purchase complete, as well as via custom signals, for example for bespoke offers
  • Tailor SMS messages to the customer’s individual behavior and transactional history
  • Personalize SMS messages with brief highlights of products with which the customer engaged, or other content based on their engagement
  • Build and deploy SMS campaigns and advanced workflows using our intuitive drag-and-drop UI – all without coding or involving your IT team
  • Measure SMS contribution, track ROI and spend budget more effectively with revenue-based reporting
  • Discover the best approach for their SMS campaigns with A/B tests and automatic optimization
  • Send SMS messages directly through Mapp SMS

Book a demo to find out how your business could benefit from Fresh Relevance and Mapp’s SMS integration.

Mike Austin

By Mike Austin

CEO & Co-founder

Mike Austin is co-founder and CEO at Fresh Relevance. Recognizing the challenge of data aggregation in the ecommerce space, Mike launched Fresh Relevance in 2013 with co-founders Eddy Swindell and Pete Austin to solve this need and optimize the customer journey.