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11 ways to get maximum ROI from your content with automatic optimization

October 5th 2021

By Scott Humphrey

Solutions Consultant

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Our automatic optimization feature helps you get the maximum ROI from your content within the Fresh Relevance platform.


With our machine learning algorithms, you can try out several versions of your content, Triggers or Experiences and it will automatically deploy the best-performing one toward the goals you set (such as conversion rate increase).

Keep reading for five use cases for automatic optimization, covering Experiences, Slots and Triggers.


Use case 1

Challenge: You want to include product recommendations on your product pages (PDPs), but you are unsure of where to place them to maximize conversion rate.

Solution: Create several different PDP experiences and enable automatic optimization to test them, with ‘increase conversion’ as the goal.

Use case 2

Challenge: You have an upcoming product launch during peak time and you’re unsure whether it will be as successful as you’d like it to be. You want to give it homepage coverage, a pop-up on entering the site and feature a banner on all product list pages. But here’s the catch – if it affects your conversion rate, you want to be able to react quickly.

Solution: Create a new Experience including all of the new launch content, but apply automatic optimization against the current Experience to allow the platform to adjust the traffic split depending on which Experience performs best against the ‘increase conversion’ goal.


Use case 3

Challenge: You’ve implemented data capture on your site to increase your number of email sign-ups, but you’re not seeing the uplift you expected.

Solution: Create several SmartBlocks using different call-to-actions and enable automatic optimization to test these using the ‘increase identification rate’ goal.

Use case 4

Challenge: You want to increase your average order value by adding product recommendations to your checkout page, but you’re unsure of which products to surface.

Solution: Create multiple SmartBlocks using different data sources (such as ‘frequently purchase together’ vs ‘impulse buys’) and then enable automatic optimization with the goal of ‘increase average order value’.

Use case 5

Challenge: You’re measured on how many sessions your abandonment emails drive back to your website and you want to test different product recommendation data sources to help increase the number of sessions.

Solution: Create multiple SmartBlocks housed within a Slot and enable automatic optimization with the goal ‘increase site visits’.

Use case 6

Challenge: You’ve seen a novelty effect with your content, i.e. when you change the content it temporarily yields better results, and you want to take advantage of this effect without having to manually change the content and research further the best cadence for these changes.

Solution: Create multiple versions of the desired content and use automatic optimization to continuously review whether a ‘new’ piece of content will spike the novelty effect and automatically yield the results.


Use case 7

Challenge: You have conducted an A/B test on your abandonment email timings and found that 30 minutes after abandonment is the best time to send for optimum conversion rate. However, you’re concerned that this may differ during high demand periods, such as Black Friday.

Solution: Create new Triggers with different email timings and use automatic optimziation to enable Triggers to adjust in real-time to suit the changing environment based on the goal ‘increase conversion’.

Use case 8

Challenge: You know which trigger times convert best for your business but you want to test different cart layouts to increase click throughs to your site.

Solution: Create multiple cart layouts and use automatic optimization with the goal of ‘increase site visits’.

Data capture

Use case 9

Challenge: You want to see if tweaking the styling of your data capture popovers will increase the success rate.

Solution: Make several copies of your existing data capture popover with minor changes on each and then test the variants with automatic optimization.

Use case 10

Challenge: You’re having limited success with your current data capture strategy and would like to test a more aggressive program.

Solution: Make a copy of your existing data capture popover and use automatic optimization to test different delay times and frequency rate.

Coupon codes

Use case 11

Challenge: You’re concerned that you might be giving away a bigger discount than you need to be in order to stimulate more purchases.

Solution: Use automatic optimization to test the effects of offering a lower percentage discount code against the current code.

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By Scott Humphrey

Solutions Consultant

As Solutions Consultant at Fresh Relevance, Scott manages the demonstration environment and helps the wider team to find the best possible product solutions for our clients.