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Instiller Integration for Cart Recovery

Instiller Integration for Cart Recovery

Fresh Relevance has added support for instiller.

You may not know the name, but you have probably seen the product, because instiller is the new name of the email solution from neteffekt, who are major suppliers of white-labelled email marketing solutions for leading marketing agencies and enterprises worldwide.

This makes instiller a good fit with Fresh Relevance, because marketing agencies are very keen to maximise the results they can report to their clients, so including the best cart-abandonment recovery is a no-brainer. Our real-time solution is inexpensive, easy to setup, supports many shopping carts, detects 4x as many abandoners as e.g. standard Magento solutions, and has has been shown to increase sales by 6%.

Fresh Relevance sends real-time messages, based on the behaviour of website visitors. It's so effective because it tracks all shoppers around the client's website (not just after they logon or enter an email address), and records what products they browse, put in their shopping cart, what they purchase, and if they abandon their carts (not just cart events). Then, when an abandoned cart is detected, an appropriate reminder email can be sent within minutes, with product details and a link back to the site, so lapsed shoppers can click, return and buy.

Triggered Messages can now be sent via instiller. Setting it up takes only a few minutes. Click the (?) icons for step-by-step instructions on e.g. where to setup an instiller API username and password.

If you use a marketing agency, ask them whether they use instiller from neteffekt. Or, if you work for an agency that uses instiller, you should definitely ensure that your clients are doing cart abandonment recovery. See here, for more information on our instiller integration 

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