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Keep content fresh with The Ultimate eCommerce Marketing Calendar 2023

Natasha Kenyon

By Natasha Kenyon, Marketing Campaign Manager

Keep content fresh with The Ultimate eCommerce Marketing Calendar 2022 - featured image
1st November 2022

In this competitive and dynamic age of eCommerce, generic content won’t cut it. In order to catch your shoppers’ attention and stand out from competitors, you need to stay relevant.

2023 events and holidays

A quick win for keeping your content relevant is to leverage existing events and holidays.

It’s well known that Black Friday and Christmas drive an increase in sales, but the whole year is full of opportunities for holiday marketing.

Picture this: you ride the January sales, help them pick the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, have a laugh for April Fool’s Day, and continue to put a fresh spin on your products each week, never needing to resign yourself to a quiet season.

Leveraging International Dog & Cat Day, World Chocolate Day, International Women’s Day, etc and keeping your products and services at the front of customers’ minds is a quick, easy win. And we’ve done the hard work for you…

Introducing The Ultimate eCommerce Marketing Calendar 2023

Our holiday marketing calendar is your one stop shop for practical web, email and social media ideas to help you stay relevant and boost online sales. From fun days to heart-warming ideas, there’s enough in there to last you the whole year.

The calendar is structured around 80 different national and international days and events. It contains 250+ marketing examples from top brands in a variety of industries, covering each of the standout days in the calendar.

We’ve included a monthly spotlight on important days, along with best practices. There are also a variety of practical web, email and social ideas to help you boost loyalty and engagement and ultimately increase your eCommerce revenue.

Using this guide, you’ll be able to plan ahead and front-load 2023 with fun and engaging ideas for your eCommerce marketing campaigns.

Download the Ultimate Ecommerce Marketing Calendar 2021

Natasha Kenyon

By Natasha Kenyon

Marketing Campaign Manager

As Marketing Campaign Manager Executive at Fresh Relevance, Natasha works collaboratively with the rest of team to identify and provide best practice solutions for digital aspects of campaigns.