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Feature Highlight: The power of our Segments tool

June 21st 2021

Lucy Russell

By Lucy Russell

Head of Product Management

Feature Highlight: The power of our Segments tool - featured image

Powerful segmentation is a key feature of the Fresh Relevance platform, helping our clients take control of customer data to deliver relevant customer experiences that drive revenue.

Read on to learn more about segmenting your data with Fresh Relevance and discover the latest updates to our Segments tool.

How does segmentation work in the Fresh Relevance system?

Simply put, our Segments tool allows you to group and target people using data captured from your website or imported from your ESP and CRM based on certain criteria you specify.

There are 3 types of segments in the Fresh Relevance system to target your users:

  • Behavioral – where you target based on certain behavior a person has done or criteria related to them, such as ‘person has browsed a product within the womenswear category in the last 10 days’.
  • Product change – where you target people who have recently browsed a product that has changed. This could be that the price has dropped, it’s become low in stock or it’s come back into stock recently.
  • Import – where you can import the users of interest. This could be from your ESP.

What can you do with the segment once created?

You can review data on the people that have been pulled into your segment, and compare against other segments. This could include high level metrics, performance metrics and behavioral insights.

Learn more about the reporting dashboard that’s available with our Segments tool.

You can target and/or automate email campaigns. For example, you can email brand-specific content to customers who have recently browsed several products from a specific brand. Or you can let shoppers who recently browsed an out-of-stock product know that it’s back in stock.

Learn more: 9 types of segmentation you should be using to drive conversions.

Our segments directly link to many ESPs we integrate with, so there’s no manual downloading and uploading of data.

Find out more about automatically syncing segments between Fresh Relevance and your ESP.

What’s new?

UI refresh

Our Segments tool has had a full UI refresh, from the management pages to the way you build the rules for who should be in the segment, making it even easier to use.

Low in stock trigger

We’ve added a new rule that allows you to target users that have recently browsed a product that has now become low in stock. This allows you to automatically trigger an email to let them know that it’s running low, boosting the urgency to buy.

New behavioral rules

We’ve added new behavioral rules to build a segment of users that have seen a specific dynamic content SmartBlock, so you can dig deeper into the data about them and understand more about what they did after seeing the personalized content.

We’ve also added location targeting rules based on country and if the person’s location is known, so you can target email campaigns or personalize content accordingly.

We’re continuing to add new targeting rules to our Segments, so watch this space and book a demo to find out how Fresh Relevance’s Segments tool could help your company boost revenue.

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Lucy Russell

By Lucy Russell

Head of Product Management

As Head of Product Management at Fresh Relevance, Lucy works closely with our customers and the wider team to shape the product roadmap and oversees the roll-out of all new features.