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Partner spotlight: Feefo

July 5th 2021

By Arthur Rakovskis

Partnerships Manager

Partner spotlight

Fresh Relevance seamlessly integrates with over 60 industry-leading platforms to help our clients create campaigns that delight their customers and boost conversions.

Each month, we’ll be spotlighting one of our partnerships to get you acquainted with our integration capabilities.

Read on to learn more about how we work with reviews and ratings platform, Feefo.

Why Feefo & Fresh Relevance

Feefo gives brands the tools to make smarter decisions and improve consumer experiences by unlocking insight obtained from real customer feedback. As well as helping to increase conversion rates, improve SEO and reduce churn, Feefo applies smart technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to customer reviews, helping businesses to build relationships, improve brand reputation and make informed decisions for the future.

Fresh Relevance’s advanced personalization functionality integrates seamlessly with Feefo to enable our joint clients to use ratings and reviews across their entire customer journey and combine personalized email and web content with product ratings.

What Feefo say

Read our short interview with John McBriarty, Head of Client Developments & Partnerships at Feefo to learn more about the integration and get insights into key eCommerce trends to look out for this year.

Please introduce yourself and Feefo

Hello, I’m John and I look after two different channels here at Feefo. The first is Client Development, which is essentially our Account Management function and the other is our Partnerships Channel, which includes everything from platform and strategic partners, right the way through to our network of referral agencies across the UK and EMEA. I’ve been with Feefo for around a year and a half now and I previously worked in adtech and SaaS businesses for around 12 years. I have two kids, the oldest of which is now 15 and I spend my time at home repeating basic instructions and fighting for bandwidth!

Feefo is a martech business. Our invitation-only reviews and insights platform enables some of the world’s biggest brands to better understand their customers and in turn, make better decisions to support and grow those relationships. We employ over 100 people with offices in London, Petersfield (our HQ is next to a working dairy farm!), Boston and Sydney. Our 5000+ customers are based in 53 different countries, across many different industries. We’re also a Google Premier Reviews Partner and a member of the DMA.

Can you tell us about one of your biggest client success stories?

So, I don’t want to do the usual here. I could tell you about Auto Trader joining us last year. Or Kia, Toyota, or any one of the recent OEM clients to join our ranks. Instead, what we love to see are really innovative new brands who bring passion and a bit of flair to what they do. The brand I want to highlight is called Bedfolk. They’ve been with us for a while now and their backstory is awesome. They travel around Europe to find the best quality bedding possible, and use a direct to consumer model to deliver great value. They’ve worked with us to improve their on-page integrations and leverage their reviews data across their email marketing content. (I’m a subscriber!) It’s this kind of entrepreneurial spirit which we’ve seen explode over the last year or so. Fantastic.

Why did you choose to partner with Fresh Relevance?

Fresh Relevance is a great complementary partner. They help our shared clients leverage their reviews data and content across the Fresh suite of products. Our integration makes it super simple for businesses to add social proof and further tailor marketing efforts, helping them grow revenue, engage audiences and retain them. Also, it doesn’t hurt that they’re a lovely bunch to work with!

What’s a key trend eCommerce leaders should be looking out for in 2021?

A few trends spring to mind really. The growth of DTC, the introduction of virtual store assistants, omnichannel shopping experiences and at the heart of all of these things, first-party data. Most of our customers are sitting on a huge pile of valuable data – purchases, habits, sentiment and more. Using this data across all those different customer touch points just makes sense. That’s why partnering and deepening value is such a win win.

4 examples of how businesses are using Feefo & Fresh Relevance

1) Joint clients can add service and product reviews to their homepages, product pages and checkouts. These carousels can be powered by shoppers’ browsing history, location, customer segment and more. There’s also the option to filter by category, product browsed or star rating.

Our research shows that almost 1 in 3 consumers (30%) say they’re more likely to purchase from an online retailer if they show product ratings and reviews from other customers.

2) Dynamic product star ratings can be added to personalized product recommendations in email newsletters to give shoppers an added incentive to click through.

Research shows that over 1 in 3 consumers (38%) want to see product ratings for products featured in emails, so it pays to use this social proof tactic in your email marketing.

3) Product star ratings can also be included in abandonment emails to give customers the confidence to complete their purchase.

4) Joint clients can customize the color of star ratings to match their branding and enhance the customer experience.

Feefo and Fresh Relevance example use case

Example of product star ratings in abandonment emails

Book a demo to find out how you could generate results for your business with Fresh Relevance and Feefo.

Book a demo to find how the Feefo & Fresh Relevance integration could benefit your business.

By Arthur Rakovskis

Partnerships Manager

As Partnerships Manager at Fresh Relevance, Arthur manages an extensive portfolio of partners to help eCommerce and travel brands benefit from the power of personalization.