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Partner spotlight: LoyaltyLion

July 20th 2023

Camilla Bass

By Camilla Bass

Senior Content Marketing Manager

Partner spotlight

Fresh Relevance seamlessly integrates with over 60 industry-leading platforms to help our clients create campaigns that delight their customers and boost conversions.

In this blog series, we’ll be spotlighting our partnerships to get you acquainted with our integration capabilities.

Read on to learn more about how we work with loyalty and engagement platform, LoyaltyLion.

Why LoyaltyLion and Fresh Relevance?

The Fresh Relevance and LoyaltyLion integration enables you to leverage customer data from your LoyaltyLion loyalty scheme to serve a tailored customer experience.

With the integration, you can use personalization to deliver the enhanced experience your existing customers crave and achieve your loyalty scheme objectives, including increased customer engagement, redemption rates, and ROI.

What LoyaltyLion say

Read our short interview with Jack Johnson, Senior Technology Partnerships Manager at LoyaltyLion to learn more about the integration and get insights into key eCommerce trends to look out for this year.

Please introduce yourself and LoyaltyLion

I look after technology partnerships at LoyaltyLion. With the help of our tech partners, I ensure merchants have access to leading integrations and support. This now includes Fresh Relevance!

For those unfamiliar with LoyaltyLion, we are Shopify’s leading loyalty solution. We provide merchants with tools to increase customer retention and encourage repeat purchases.

Can you tell us about one of your biggest client success stories?

Earlier this year, we launched a new case study with Hat Heaven. Hat Heaven is a family owned business selling high quality sports fan headwear. Hat Heaven opted to build a new loyalty program ‘The MVP Club’.

The MVP Club has become an integral part of the Hat Heaven experience, proved by the fact that 31,000 new program members have signed up and 54,000 rewards activities have been performed in the last year. Other impressive results from the program include:

  • 238% higher average number of purchases from users who redeem rewards in the MVP Club
  • 315% more spend from redeeming members
  • 27% reward redemption rate
  • 5.7% of site revenue coming from purchases with rewards redemption

Why did you choose to partner with Fresh Relevance?

Partnering with Fresh Relevance was an easy decision. We love the team and what the integration allows merchants to do.

Now, mutual merchants can personalize shopping experiences based on loyalty data. Our joint clients can treat shoppers like individuals by offering a unique experience based on what tier they are in, how many points they have or their loyalty segment.

What’s a key trend eCommerce leaders should be looking out for in 2023?

With the cost of living crisis impacting millions of shoppers, brands need to consider what makes a customer return to shop again. A strong customer experience is essential to encourage repeat purchases.

A key trend we’re seeing is brands reconsidering how they engage with customers. Some brands are opting for discounting, more savvy brands are improving the customer experience. Loyalty and personalization are great tactics to transform a customer’s experience.

Integration use cases

Here are a couple of ways to drive customer loyalty with the Fresh Relevance and LoyaltyLion integration.

Target customers based on loyalty tier or number of points

Joint customers can target different content and experiences based on which tier the shopper currently sits in or how many points they currently have. For example, they can show customers who have reached a certain points threshold a thank you message and encourage them to keep going.

Build segments based on tier or points

Joint customers can leverage loyalty data to create detailed segments for use across channels. These segments can then be used to tailor the customer experience, for example by offering early access to promotions and price drops and displaying reward coupons within email and on site.

Book a demo to find out how you could generate results for your business with Fresh Relevance and LoyaltyLion and learn more about driving customer loyalty in our Ultimate Guide to Customer Loyalty in 2023, created in collaboration with LoyaltyLion.

Camilla Bass

By Camilla Bass

Senior Content Marketing Manager

As Senior Content Marketing Manager at Fresh Relevance, Camilla leads the global content strategy and manages, writes and edits user-centered content that helps marketers in the eCommerce and travel spaces get their jobs done.