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Partner spotlight: Maileon

March 10th 2022

By Arthur Rakovskis

Partnerships Manager

Partner spotlight

Fresh Relevance seamlessly integrates with over 60 industry-leading platforms to help our clients create campaigns that delight their customers and boost conversions.

In this blog series, we’ll be spotlighting our partnerships to get you acquainted with our integration capabilities.

Read on to learn more about how we work with ESP, Maileon.

Why Maileon and Fresh Relevance?

Maileon is an email marketing and automation solution that allows you to send targeted email campaigns to your customers, as well as develop marketing automation routes for them. It provides personalized send times, a recommendation engine, AMP mailing support, landing page editors and much more.

The Fresh Relevance platform captures behavioral and transactional data from website visitors, identifies visitors with sophisticated data capture tools and provides a comprehensive suite of cross-channel personalization tactics to provide customers with a tailored experience that sets our clients apart from their competitors.

Fresh Relevance’s features integrate seamlessly with Maileon’s email functionality to help our joint clients create conversion-boosting campaigns.

What Maileon say

Read our short interview with Bjorn van Breemen at Maileon to learn more about the integration and get insights into key eCommerce trends to look out for this year.

Please introduce yourself and Maileon

I’m Bjorn van Breemen, co-founder of Maileon Benelux. Maileon is an effective email marketing platform that gives agencies and in-house marketers all the tools they need to bring their marketing efforts to the next level. We combine our strong technology with a strong network of agency partners, experts, and technology partners, like Fresh Relevance.

Can you tell us about one of your biggest client success stories?

It’s hard to pick one success story, since our clients keep inspiring us with smart, creative and innovative uses of our platform. But one of the first that comes to mind is the award-winning case of Adler Mode, a fashion retailer that uses Maileon for a great fashion eCommerce experience filled with engaging flows, from acquisition to loyalty campaigns. This brings them amazing results that grow their business and have won them multiple awards.

Another case that has been awarded is Billiger.de. A smart use of technology combined with automated recommendation feeds makes this eCommerce player stand out amongst their German competitors.

And of course, we’re also excited about the use cases where Fresh Relevance and Maileon meet. A nice example is the football club West Bromwich, where the collaboration between Sports Alliance, Fresh Relevance and Maileon resulted in a full omnichannel experience for truly next-level fan and community marketing. In this case the power of data from Sports Alliance, the personalization of Fresh Relevance, and the marketing automation of Maileon make true marketing magic.

Why did you choose to partner with Fresh Relevance?

Our philosophy from the start of Maileon Benelux has been centered around strong and sustainable partnerships. We truly believe in collaborating with innovative technological partners and we’re convinced that a best of breed approach offers our users, well, the best.

A partnership with Fresh Relevance simply makes sense. Bringing email marketing and personalization together has a great impact on engagement and drives marketing and business results. That’s why we partner with Fresh Relevance, to help our users achieve the best results. Together we can take marketing to the next level for companies worldwide.

What’s a key trend eCommerce leaders should be looking out for in 2022?

The importance of personalization is continuously growing, and we see that amongst our users as well. A highly personalized approach is here to stay. Not just in the acquisition phase, but also after that initial phase. Companies aren’t just focused on building their customer base, they are shifting their focus to building relationships, to customer retention and loyalty. And a personalized customer experience plays a huge role in this.

Together with the growth of personalization we see developments in the privacy landscape. There’s a shift happening. Companies are moving away from relying heavily on third party cookies, and moving from buying data to building up data themselves. In eCommerce, as well as across different industries we see this move resulting in more quality-based personalized communication and long-term customer relations.

For Maileon, this is at the core of everything we do. It’s important for us to empower marketers to create meaningful and personalized experiences, with all the tools at hand to keep the privacy of the receivers intact.

The tools to succeed

Here are some of the tools companies have access to with Maileon and Fresh Relevance.

AI product recommendations

Joint clients can ramp up the converting power of their bulk and triggered emails with product recommendations tailored to each stage of the customer journey, based on their past purchase and browse behavior and more.

Dynamic content

Again, joint clients can improve their email marketing with dynamic content, such as hero banners tailored to each recipient (for example personalized with the individual’s name or product imagery based on their past purchase and browse data) or dynamic countdown timers to drive urgency.

Live social media feeds

Joint clients can tap into live streams of high-quality user-generated content from Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter to provide the authentic content that today’s consumers crave.

Advanced triggered emails

Fresh Relevance provides advanced triggered email options, such as price drop, back in stock, abandoned browse session and cart abandonment. Maileon clients can send these triggered emails via Maileon, but will benefit from higher ROI.

Book a demo to find out how you could generate results for your business with Fresh Relevance and Maileon.

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By Arthur Rakovskis

Partnerships Manager

As Partnerships Manager at Fresh Relevance, Arthur manages an extensive portfolio of partners to help eCommerce and travel brands benefit from the power of personalization.